Why Hire a CSP?

Hire a Top Sales Professional

“More and more often, hiring managers are asking for the CSP designation… and the standards it represents.” 
Nancy, CSP Since 2014

The best salespeople know sales is more than just a job – it’s a profession. They take pride in their skills and nurture their development. 

Certified Sales Professional (CSP) is the only recognized sales designation in North America. It’s the mark of competent, ethical, consultative sales professionals who go the extra mile, demonstrating their deep commitment to excellence and achievement. 

When you hire a CSP, you can be sure they have the experience, knowledge, skill, and attitude to build profitable, positive, long-term relationships with clients and customers – and get real results for your company. 

  • 72% of CSPs rank in the top 25% of sales in their organizations
  • The majority surpass their annual sales quotas

Based on industry feedback, CPSA is expanding its certification program to define standards and build core knowledge and skills for professionals at every stage of sales, from entry to leadership.

Starting in 2018, a new Graduated Certification Program will build on our existing CSP to support every sales professional, in every sales role in your organization, at whatever stage they’re at.

From on-the-ground sale essentials like Consultative Selling, Negotiation, and Relationship Management, to advanced knowledge and skill sets like Strategic Account Leadership, International Sales, and Effective Sales Leadership, we’re creating a rigorous, standards-based framework that will shape the future of sales and define excellence going forward.

Request a consultation or phone us at 1 888 267 2772 to find out how our new Graduated Certification Program will help you recruit right the first time, or support you in developing a team of top performers.

"The CSP designation is so valuable. The recognition and credibility it provides is priceless."

Amanda, CSP Since 2014