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Today, with the plethora of apps and digital platforms available, customers and prospects expect a seamless sales experience when interacting with a sales rep. Where once it might have taken weeks to send over those contracts, customers can now access documents and information almost immediately.

But that’s not the only reason why sales reps need to update their toolbox. Today, sales teams need to ensure that both their product and their company’s online presence is getting the traction it needs to stand out from the crowd in an overcrowded digital marketplace. With the rise of social selling, AI and e commerce, sales teams need to adapt and ensure they are utilizing all the tools available to them for sales success.

Before you jump into a call, email or meeting with a potential buyer, you need to do your part as a sales pro to ensure they have been drip fed the best content that will make them amenable to your call. And once you are in touch with your prospect, you need to ensure that you have everything you need to make the sale at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Here are 10 powerful tools your sales team needs to know about for content sharing and distribution.


According to KnowledgeTree, too much of a sales rep’s time is wasted looking for content - up to 30%. But their tool pushes the right sales enablement content via email, CRM and portals just when a rep needs it and helps them close deals. KnowledgeTree predicts which content advances deals and gives insights on which of your content is working so you can replicate success.  It can also be used to get training materials and resources to reps at the exact moment they need it by matching the info to the sales situation.


This content sharing and management platform aims to help sales teams connect with clients, create proposals and close deals - faster.  It allows easier internal collaboration and communication and can help you keep the sales cycle moving through the creation of a single cloud based place to store and access all your files. Files that you need to have ready to share seamlessly and quickly with customers such as marketing materials, price sheets and contracts. The platform has built-in integrations to apps like DocuSign, Docurated and Salesforce so  you can close deals right from the Box platform.  The system comes with analytics, enabling you to see stats for shared docs and customize your sales tactics based on engagement.


Bigtincan is an AI powered sales enablement platform that aims to help sales teams be more effective when engaging with prospects and customers by changing the way they access, present, collaborate and share content. It’s features include being able to automatically “push” the most recent & relevant content directly to your mobile device; automating the reporting of content shared with a customer into your CRM; customizing any type of content; and improving collaboration and communication both internally and with customers. 


SharePoint Server from Microsoft Office 365 combines your intranet with your content management - allowing teams across your organization to store, organize, and share information and documents. It’s a useful way to increase collaboration with your marketing team and coordinate your content distribution efforts and ideas.  It can be integrated with ERP, CRM and sales enablement software to help you gain business intelligence about relationships and trends related to your data and content.


This content management and tracking tool is aimed at increasing a sales team’s efficiency.  It’s another tool that stores all your sales collateral in one places so you can find, track, and update it with ease when you need it. Thanks to cloud based storage, you can share information quickly and seamlessly without worrying about clogging inboxes or setting off spam filters. You can also present from any device without having to download a file.  Finally,it enables you to gain insights by tracking your content’s performance across the sales process.


Docurated’s mission is to help your company grow by translating content usage data into insights sales leaders can use to make decisions about messaging and content that will appeal to prospects.  What’s more, the platform makes this content available to sales teams when and where they need it most. Through their training modules, they promise results of four times the consumption of your marketing content over all other content management solutions through their “smart” content distribution platform.


SAVO wants sales reps to have more effective conversations with their customers. Similar to Docurated, SAVO is a piece of sales enablement software that automatically recommends the most effective resources for the situation at hand, enabling your sales team to share the right content with customers. It also pushes appropriate training modules to help them execute the most effective process in each sales context.


They say the line between sales and marketing is blurring and Folloze is a tool that’s all about enabling sales pros to be “mini-marketers” with highly personalized account-specific content.  Using this tool, your marketing team can create content boards that sales pros can auto-personalize for a specific account or prospect. These content boards can leverage any video, document, blog or web page that’s needed by the rep to persuade prospects and allow interaction via instant calls-to-action.  It even allows sales pros to send account-specific campaigns that are tailored to the context and customer.  Analytics and behavioral triggers help you nurture leads across the buyer journey. Even better, the platform integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Office, MailChimp and other tools.


Video is one of the most powerful forms of content when it comes to building engagement. But sales teams are often put off by the large time investment it takes to create this type of content. Here’s where videolicious comes in. This tool allows you to create and edit professional looking videos on your mobile device in seconds. Personalized videos can be utilized in email and social media to get more responses, book more meetings and convert opportunities to sales.


Taboola is an online content distribution tool that can help you reach your sales goals. They market themselves as “the world’s largest discovery platform” with a reach of over 750M people each month.  By featuring your content on their platform, will allow you to get your content recommended on thousands of premium sites on the internet building brand awareness, generating online sales and getting leads at a competitive cost per lead/cost per acquisition.

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