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Looking for inspiration to help you be the best salesperson you can be? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of ten impressive sales and marketing blogs you really should be visiting on a regular basis.

1. Sales Hacker

The Sales Hacker blog is designed for front line sales reps, managers and leaders. It publishes strategies and suggestions for prospecting, social selling, qualifying, calling, and more.

2. Sales Gravy

Geared at front line sales execs, Jeb Blount and his team offer awesome insights and analysis of prospecting, lead tracking, conversion and much more. Jeb is also a guest expert on a recent CPSA podcast. Check out the latest shows here.

3. Sales for Life

The Sales for Life blog helps salespeople sync up with modern buyers. From engaging your prospects in a friendly, helpful, and convenient way to using sales automation effectively, you'll learn both the fundamentals and latest tips from the Sales 2.0 movement.

4. HubSpot Sales Blog

From writing effective email subject lines to negotiating, Hubspot offers tips to help you hit your KPIs -- or if you’re a manager, lead your sales team to success. Guest authors include Art Sobczak, Grant Cardone, Jeff Hoffman, and Anthony Iannarino.

5. Heinz Marketing

With a focus on helping inbound sales professionals and marketer, Matt Heinz and his team provide regular thought-provoking articles about engaging prospects, filling one's pipeline, and creating an effective content strategies.

6. The Sales Leader

Aimed at sales leaders, Colleen Francis offers sales leaders the tools and techniques they need to drive results. Her posts cover a variety of topics -- including pipeline management, sales leadership best practices, and personal productivity -- and get right to the point. When you’re looking for a quick tip, go here.

7. Sales Resource Group

With material for all levels of sales, the SRG blog offers top insights and tips around sales compensation and the strategies needed to keep your top salespeople motivated and performing. Led by sales comp expert and CPSA guest podcast host David Johnston, the SRG blog offers templates and commentary to support salespeople looking to get a better comp plan or leaders looking to develop the right mix of monetary and non-monetary motivation in the workplace.

8. Sales & Talent

Launched in 2018, covers issues at the intersection of HR, Talent, and Sales process. The blog is a good resource for insights into workplace trends and how the sales profession is advancing. Take a read to get the opinions and insights that could make a difference to how your organization manages its salespeople and how sales pros can achieve new heights.

9. TopLine Leadership Blog

Geared at sales managers, the TopLine Leadership Blog focuses almost exclusively on motivation. Whether you’re hoping to inspire an unengaged salesperson or encourage everyone to hit their numbers, you'll find the tips you need.

10. CPSA Learning Hub

Okay, we're biased but we believe that our webinars, podcasts, articles, white papers, ebooks and other learning resources are pretty awesome and help salespeople across North America succeed. Whether you're thinking of studying sales, new to a sales career or an experienced sales leader, CPSA's Learning Hub has content for you!

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