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Sales Leadership
10 Women to follow in Sales Leadership
Aug 14, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Beyonce put it best when she said “who run the world? Girls”. Women are making strides in all areas of business, including sales, and we want to showcase some of the amazing women leading sales and marketing organizations and teams. Here is a round-up of some of the women who are doing amazing things in sales leadership.

Andrea Lechner-Becker, Chief Strategy Officer, Lead MD

A a digital marketer with a background managing CRMs and e-marketing platforms, Lechner-Becker’s experience gives her the data-driven perspective that organizations need to succeed in a fast-moving industry.

Tracy Eiler, Chief Marketing Officer, InsideView

Eiler has been a heavy-hitter for years, and her background in big data, analytics, and business intelligence technology, as well as the senior positions she has held at other technology companies make her the obvious choice for CMO. Bonus points to InsideView, which has a 50-50 gender balance on the executive team.

Jocelyn King, Sr. Director, Intel

As head of the PSG Global Marketing Group, as well as head of MO-CCA, Marketing Operations Cross Company Alliance, King is leading some of the top sales and marketing people in North America. She has won several awards for her accomplishments in sales and marketing leadership.

Rhoan Morgan, CEO, DemandLab LLC

Morgan saw the lack of analytics and automation available to businesses and decided to launch DemandLab to address this need. Not only is she committed to making marketing and sales better, but also to helping other women succeed through mentorship.

Nancy Nardin, Founder, Smart Selling Tools

Nardin is a veteran of the sales space, having spent her career in a variety of industries and capacities before founding Smart Selling Tools. She has advised companies in her roles as analysts at Gartner and IDC, has worked with some of the top VC in Silicon Valley, and has an award-winning blog.

Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer, The Pedowitz Group

In addition to being a revered thought leader, speaker, and leader in Revenue Marketing, Qaqish is also an author. Her book, “Rise of the Revenue Marketer” (an award-winner) showcases her unequalled leadership in this space.

Adrienne Weissman, Chief Marketing Officer, G2Crowd

As the leader of G2Crowd’s sales and marketing organizations, Weissman is breaking glass ceilings and disrupting industries. She has held other leading positions at top tech companies, and will no doubt continue to drive change in the sales industry.

Traci Whetzel, CRM Director, Concept Services Ltd

Beginning her career with Concept Services in the trenches as a Business Development Manager, she has worked her way up through a multitude of roles. A tech and systems guru, she is also strategic, with a passion for results.

Erica Stritch, RAIN Group

The leader of strategy and execution for all things marketing at RAIN Group, Stritch’s impact is clear – she has increased inbound leads by 140% and helped the organization expand into six new countries. With a slew of marketing awards, she is an unparalleled leader in her industry.

Janelle Johnson, Sr. Director, Act-On Software

Johnson oversees all of Act-On Software’s marketing campaigns and customer marketing programs. She is responsible for generating up to 85% of the company’s overall revenue through her work in marketing. She’s a coach and mentor to marketing professionals and speaks at conferences, enabling her to set new standards for marketers everywhere.

Organizations that have greater numbers of women in leadership positions tend to perform better, so it only makes sense to encourage women to reach the top leadership positions. Take a look at some of these examples of incredible women leaders in sales in marketing for inspiration.

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