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Sales Strategy
Feb 2, 2010 | Michael O'Grady lock

In this economy, you can't listen to the radio, watch television, or read a newspaper without getting bombarded with stories about money woes. In these financial times, I think we have to challenge the idea of a recession. You see, I believe that a "recession" is more perception than reality. Yes, real people are losing jobs. They're struggling to pay their bills, even losing their homes. Yet, even during a recession, there are plenty of real people who still have jobs and continue to live very normal lives.

As a savvy sales- and business person, it's up to you to view every opportunity wisely. It's your own responsibility to find out who needs your product or service, why they need it and how to make it affordable for them. Taking advantage of every opportunity you have to gain new customers and maintain your existing ones will help you to thrive in your business or industry, no matter the current state of our economy. Here are 21 ways to do just that...

Increase your Opportunities:

1. Have more face to face visits with your clients.
2. Be willing to go see people to ensure that you're taking care of them properly.
3. Be willing to go see even the "small" clients (other opportunities do exist).
4. Follow up during and after the work is complete or product is sold.
5. Ask for referrals.
6. Become a member of a networking organization.
7. Cold call on companies while out visiting face-to-face with your clients.
8. Write a plan of action to create more opportunities.

Manage Your Sales Leads Better:

9. Call clients and customers back promptly.
10. Get a history of your leads when able.
11. Confirm appointments (it's professional).
12. Present in person (where you can).
13. Make sure you understand who the decision makers are and the best way to close the sale
14. Have referral letters, references and customer service surveys to show client.
15. If the sale is not closed immediately, ask for a best time and day to follow up (then do it).

Take Control Over What You Can Control:

16. Control your mindset - stay positive and focused.
17. Over-deliver on presentation, customer service and gratitude.
18. Be creative in your sales presentation, lead generation and follow-up.
19. Manage your day to be more productive.
20. Learn more about personality and how to get along with a wider scope of people.
21. Have written goals and an action plan to achieve them.

About the Author:


Michael O'Grady is an accomplished Sales Manager, Sales Coach and Entrepreneur. He is well known in the residential services industry for his high-volume tickets, record-breaking, tenacious, and self-motivated selling and sales training style. During his 20-year sales management career, he's set and achieved many industry and personal records. He is dedicated to inspiring others to do the same. He publishes the online sales training resource,, to help sales and business professionals understand the sales process at a deeper level.


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