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Sales Leadership
Apr 20, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock
Becoming a sales manager also means being given a great deal of responsibility. The fate of your team is in your hands, and moving forward, you’ll need to learn how to be the best manager you can possibly be in order for your team to succeed. When one looks at successful sales management, three essential things emerge, and they can be educational for anyone who is grappling with how to adapt to a leadership role.

1. It’s a Different Game

A lot of people make the assumption that successful selling will translate naturally into successful sales management. In practice, however, the two are vastly different from each other. What it takes to be a great sales rep and what it takes to be a great sales leader are two different things, and the sooner you learn to adapt to the new challenges that come with leadership, the sooner you will succeed. 

In some ways, the very things that made you a successful sales rep can work against you as a sales manager. When you were a sales rep, you were focused on individual performance and meeting quotas. Sales management, however, requires that you take a much broader approach, learning how to make sure that everyone on your team is able to succeed. As you transition into a leadership role, understanding the difference between the responsibilities of a salesperson and the responsibilities of a sales manager is absolutely essential. 

2. Sales Coaching

Another way in which management marks a significant departure from selling is in the arena of coaching. As the leader of your team, your salespeople will be looking to you for guidance and coaching along the way. Your success as a sales manager is dependent on the individual successes of your team, meaning that sales coaching is something you’re absolutely going to want to prioritize. 

People respond to individual attention and support. Coaching differs from training in that it recognizes that each member of your team is going to have different strengths and weaknesses. As manager, you’ll need to know what those strengths and weaknesses are, and be able to work with them to get the best performance out of each and every single member of your team.  

As a sales rep, you’re concerned with your own performance, but as a manager, it’s your responsibility to coach your team in order to improve their performances. Many managers choose to go through management training in order to perfect their coaching skills. After all, there’s a lot riding on the success of your team, and the better you are able to coach them, the more successes you will have personally.

3. Recruitment

In order to be successful at sales management, you’ll need to have the best team possible. While your coaching abilities will certainly play a part in the future successes of your team, you won’t get far if you don’t have a skilled group of salespeople to begin with. This is where recruitment comes in, and as a sales manager, it’s another essential part of the job. 

Great recruiting isn’t as straightforward as choosing a candidate who has the right qualifications. While education and experience are definitely assets, you’ll know from your time working in sales that there are certain essential skills a salesperson needs in order to be successful.

When tasked with recruiting new salespeople, you’ll need to quickly discern which candidates possess the necessary skills and which ones don’t. This is another area in which sales management training can come in useful, because hiring mistakes can be expensive, and should generally be avoided wherever possible. Learning how to hire the best people possible will play a large part in determining your own future successes.

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