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While inbound marketing has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years, not everyone understands just how inbound marketing can benefit a company. While it definitely represents a unique approach in terms of marketing, there are some incredible benefits of inbound marketing that make it well worth the while.

1. Raising Brand Awareness

We often underestimate how significant it is to come into contact with certain brand names on a regular basis. While we tend not to overthink it, the more aware you become of a brand, the more likely it is that you’ll interact with them at some point in the future. When you think of the brand names you know automatically, most of them are probably names that you absorbed subconsciously over a period of time. The more you were brought into contact with those brand names, the more dependable they come to feel. 

Inbound marketing is one way to ensure that your own prospective customers are coming into contact with your content, and therefore your brand, on a regular basis. If they’re scrolling through websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook and continue to see content that has been published by your business, over time, your brand name will begin to stick with them and they’ll come to depend on the content you generate. 

2. Increased Reliability and Trustworthiness

While we briefly touched upon this benefit earlier, it bears further examination. The question of reliability and trustworthiness follows naturally from the question of raised brand awareness. We’re always more comfortable with what we know. People are naturally distrustful of companies they’ve never heard of, whereas if they recognize the brand name—even if they’ve never purchased from them—they’re more likely to feel inclined to trust the company and the product. 

Developing trust with the customer is a huge part of being successful in sales, and it’s one of the biggest benefits of inbound marketing. Customers want to trust the company they are buying from. This is where the quality of the content that you are producing comes in. When you are posting content that is valuable, well written, and accurate, customers will come to view you as a sort of expert in the field. Doing the research and publishing content within a specific subject area on a regular basis demonstrates to customers that you’ve done the homework and that they can rely on you in the future.

3. It Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing

The fact that inbound marketing doesn’t feel like marketing is one of the biggest benefits in terms of appealing to customers. We’re bombarded with advertisements all day, and for many people, that constant bombardment has led to a wariness of the advertising and marketing world.

Ads that are obviously designed to sell a product have to work extra hard to get past the initial barrier that customers put up. The great thing about inbound marketing is that you are still advertising your product or service to the customer, but you are doing so in a way that doesn’t feel like traditional advertising.

When done correctly, the content you create for inbound marketing shouldn’t make customers feel like you are attempting to persuade them to purchase a product or service. Instead, you are providing them with valuable information relevant to your field. And that information helps build your credibility when the customer is looking to make an investment.

In a world that is so saturated with advertisements, inbound marketing is a great way to set your company apart.

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