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Working in sales is much harder than many people give it credit for. While those who don’t work in sales might picture a script and a steady rotation of calls, dealing with prospective clients day in and day out and learning how to close takes a lot of work. Selling requires honed techniques and a refined skill set, like the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, and the ability to actively listen and tailor each sales call to the individual client and their respective needs.

Training companies understand that these skills don’t come naturally; they take instruction and practice to be perfect. Training companies are also pros when it comes to knowing how to teach these skills so that your sales team can get on track more efficiently. If you’re considering investing in sales training for your team, here are three big things your sales team can learn from the experience that will help convince you that training companies are the way to go.

1. Better Strategies

There are good sales strategies and bad sales strategies, and knowing the difference between the two can make all the difference. Certain techniques that are still widely in use, like cold calling, have been proven to be largely ineffective. The need for proven and practical strategies is a key component for increasing sales figures, and training companies know the best strategies and how they should be implemented. Part of having a strategy also includes having a plan; planning ahead is integral to sales success. Training provides sales teams with the tools necessary to create coherent plans with attainable goals and sales strategies to help them realize these goals.

2. How to Negotiate

In any sales situation, negotiation is going to come into play with certain clients. Not knowing how to deal with negotiations can signal disaster for your sales team. It could mean losing the client or sale entirely, or else making compromises that are not advantageous to your bottom line. A big part of any training company’s mandate is teaching a sales team how to approach a negotiation situation. Negotiations can be a healthy part of business, but negotiations should also always be a win-win situation for both the client and the sales person. A great negotiation is advantageous to both parties and helps strengthen the relationship between your company and your clients.  

3. Dealing with Objections

Another tried and true struggle that many sales people run up against, and are unsure of how to handle, is frequent objections during a sales call. You’re not going to win every sale every time; this is an accepted fact of working in sales. But with the right training, you can be prepared to meet objections and better your chances of closing a sale despite reservations a prospective client might have. 

An objection doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to write off a sale. In fact, hearing out the objections and responding to them thoughtfully and carefully can be a great way to understand the client’s unique needs and how your product of service can work to meet those needs. 

Active listening cannot be stressed enough as one of the most important skills for a sales person to have. And listening to objections and having solid solutions is a part of this process. There are ways of dealing with objections that can actually win you more clients while also strengthening the relationships with clients that you already have. The key to dealing with objections, however, is planning and practice, both of which can be taught. In this aspect, training companies can be an invaluable resource for your team.

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