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Sales Strategy
Dec 15, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Are you struggling to make quota each month? Do you feel like you’re working 24/7 and yet not reaping the rewards?

Sometimes, half the problem with trying to get out of the sales rut is learning how to figure how what the root of your problem is. If you don’t know where you are going wrong, how can you fix it? Here are three Tips for Isolating and then solving your struggles in sales.

Tip Number 1: Pay Attention to Planning

Planning is the most crucial step in ensuring your sales success. If you’re not making targets start by looking at your planning process to find out where you can improve it. Ask yourself:

  1. Are my goals clear? Make sure your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals are clearly defined. What does success look like at each step of the sales process? Set yourself quotas so you know exactly how many calls/emails/meeting you need to make each week.
  2. Are my goals realistic? Once you’ve planned out your time, be honest and ask yourself whether your goals are attainable. Add up the percentage of time you believe each task will take and make sure you end up with 100! If you go over, take a long hard look at your plan and work how where you can make efficiencies. Where is your biggest time investment? Is it worth the return? Consider if there are better ways to manage your time. Investigate whether there are tools that can create efficiencies? If so, put together a business case for your manager about why it’s worth the investment.

Tip Number 2: Evaluate Your Techniques

If everything looks good with your planning and you’re still not making quota, it’s likely that something’s going wrong with your sales techniques. As a salesperson you can never get complacent, it’s important to always continue learning. Evaluate your sales techniques to see where you need some extra training or support. Ask yourself:

  1. Are your sales pitches always focused on product benefits and how they will help the buyer? If not you might be falling into the trap of trying to sell the features or technical aspects of your product or service - this is a no go.
  2. Do you always make an effort to genuinely connect with your customer and earn their trust? This may take time, but the investment is important to sales success.
  3. Do you take the time to ask questions and learn about the potential buyer’s concerns and pain points? Or have you become reliant on assumptions that are setting you up for mistakes and missteps.
  4. Are you annoying your prospect or customer with poorly executed follow-up calls or emails? Make sure every follow-up is timely, customised and has a point!
  5. Are you making false promises that come back to haunt you? If so you’re undermining your credibility and personal brand which is integral to sales.
  6. Do you make proper use of the sales tools available like your CRM? If not, you are probably missing out on many opportunities.

Tip Number 3: Review Your Communications to Stay on Brand

Finally, pay close attention to your communications - both public and private. The greatest idea for a pitch can go awry if it’s communicated poorly. Review your recent presentations, emails and posts on social media and ask:

  1. Is there too much focus on you and your product? The majority of your communications should focus on the customer and how your product or service can help solve their problems. Use less I/WE and more YOU.
  2. Is your content customized and relevant? Presentations, emails, and social media posts should all be tailored to your prospects and their interests. You can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.
  3. Is your messaging “on brand”? Your company should have aligned its brand around your company culture and your product or service’s USP. Make sure you’re not giving out mixed messages or undermining the values of your company with your social media output.

There’s often not one single answer when it comes to why you’re struggling in sales and what you can do about it. Consider investing in a professional training program which can help support you as you work to isolate and solve your struggles in sales.

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