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Sep 25, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association

So much has been written about the techniques, skills and tactics you need succeed in sales because it really does take time to hone your craft. But we’ve all got to start somewhere. What if we told you that there were 4 habits of sales superstars that if you start getting into today, you’d be well on your way to success? It’s true. Start practising these habits daily and you’ll see your sales numbers rise.

Habit One: Take Notes

We all know that active listening is crucial to successful sales interactions. But all too often, too much of the information gleaned by reps in client meetings or calls is forgotten; its potential for helping you clinch a deal lost.

Taking notes whilst on calls or immediately after meetings is an important habit to get into. Do it while the info is fresh in your mind, that way you’ll be able to build a treasure trove of information on prospects for future use. Plus in today’s digital world, you can access many CRM’s right from your mobile device, meaning there’s no reason not to input the info right away.

Habit Two: Follow Up Promptly

Get into the habit of following up with prospects as quickly as possible. This will not only impress customers, it will also help you stay on top of your ever increasing workload. Remember the two minute rule: if a task will take two minutes or less to complete, do it right now. You said you’d send across that product brochure? Do it as you leave the client’s office from your cell phone. Haven’t heard from a prospect after you sent a proposal? Send that follow-up email a few days later to make sure you’re top of their mind.

Keeping a commitment you’ve made to a customer or prospect is imperative in building and maintaining trust. Following up in a timely manner will also help you avoid the number of small tasks on your plate building up to an insurmountable summit.

Habit Three: Get Organized

Being able to follow up quickly will be all the more easier the more organized you are. If you want to be effective in sales, you need a plan and you need to stick to it. Be strategic in how you approach your pipeline and plan your time effectively. Get into the habit of planning out how you will approach the week ahead and schedule prep time, follow-up time, admin time and prospecting time into your daily calendar as well as meetings.

Habit Four: Stay Up-to-Date

Sales superstars never stop learning. Learning about their product, learning about their competitors, learning about their customers and prospects and learning about their craft. It’s vital that you should be a product expert; if you can’t answer a prospect’s questions, it really doesn’t look great. Make it a regular habit to check with your team about product or service updates/promotions/initiatives. Staying up to date about your competitors is equally important, you need to be ready to effectively explain why your product is better or offers more value. Set up google alerts so you never miss an update. Similarly, stay up to date about your prospects and their company. If there’s changes to their circumstances or business problem, you’ll want to know ahead of time. Finally, the tools available to salespeople are changing all the time; get into the habit of reading sales blogs to make sure you know about the latest sales tech and trends. Staying up to date with help you stay ahead of the pack.

Try out these habits today. The more regularly you do them, the more likely they are to stick and send you on your way to being a sales superstar.

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