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Your salespeople have to jump through a lot of hoops to close deals, so when they finally get to the point of signing contacts, you want to make things as seamless and easy as possible. Fortunately, a whole host of great contract life-cycle management tools are out there to help you seal the deal. Here are our five top picks:

1 - DocuSign

Considered by Aragon Research to be the market leader, DocuSign is a secure way to send, sign and approve documents anytime, anywhere. Upload a document from any device, then add the emails of those who need to sign it and the fields you need them to complete. DocuSign then emails the recipients and asks for a signature. Once they complete all the required fields, the document is stored electronically so you can access it anytime.  They also offer a full contract lifecycle management suite and a 30-day free trial.

2 - Concord

Concord is a tool that manages the entire contract lifecycle and aims to help companies to speed-up growth while maintaining compliance. The service is free with a maximum of three users and then there are several pricing options for companies of different sizes. People, processes and contracts are connected on one platform allowing for better collaboration compliance. Features include online negotiation and editing, approval workflows and deadline alerts.

3 - Adobe Sign

Formerly known as EchoSign and eSign, Adobe Sign is another well known contract lifecycle management tool. As part of their Adobe Document Cloud Services, Adobe Sign lets you prepare, send, track and manage forms, agreements and contracts. It can also be used as a stand alone app. Like all cloud services, your contracts can be accessed from any device meaning your clients can sign wherever they are, so long as they have internet connections. Their drag and drop templates are easy to use and their forms have prebuilt integrations with enterprise apps such as salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, Workday and SAP Ariba.

4 - Octiv

While the Octiv platform may employ DocuSign to get those signatures, it’s  contract lifecycle management features are robust enough to make it stand out. Octiv can help you drive sales productivity by transforming how you use documents. Use the platform to easily create, edit, share, sign and manage your contracts and other sales collateral. As well as the native integration with DocuSign, other features include dynamic HTML5 templates, integrations with your CRM, and online document collaboration.

5 - GetAccept

GetAccept aims to help you close more deals by allowing you to upload and send your sales documents with a single click. A great feature is dashboard that gives you real-time insights into who is interacting with your document and what steps you should take to speed up the process. It also automates each step of the process with email follow-ups in your active deals.

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