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Dec 3, 2013 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Sales is a fast moving part of business and it does not let up. For many sales teams, they are in front of customers and prospects and use mobile apps to get things done quickly and conveniently.

Thus, it is important for salespeople to remain productive when they are not in front of a computer. Otherwise, there can be a lot of forgotten tasks and missed opportunities to further relationships and close deals.

Here are five mobile apps that can help your sales efforts and ways to use them strategically.

1. Evernote: When you have an idea or find resources, you need a place to put these notes. Evernote is a digital notebook that syncs between all of your devices. A salesperson can quickly take notes with their own texting. Furthermore, documents can be scanned and the image can be digitized for convenient searching later. This is a quick and easy way to catalogue meeting notes and resources to make the sale.

2. Reeder: This is an easy to use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader for blogs. Salespeople need to be tuned into industry news and use this as part of their follow-up and customer engagements. Reeder allows for quick reading of relevant industry publications and blogs. Sharing is easy and your team can read their personal daily news and easily share this with prospects they are trying to touch base with and customers they are maintaining relationships with. It allows you to be current and continually be a resource of information.

3. Dropbox: Your sales documents and files need to be easy to access and easy to store. Dropbox is one of the simplest and most user friendly applications that syncs your computer, tablet and mobile devices without any management. When you are trying to get out marketing materials or sales presentations to prospective customers, you can send or share these files without any headaches.

4. Recorder: So many things happen in conversation quickly. A salesperson can use this mobile app to record important conversations, get customer testimonials to use for future sales opportunities or record thoughts while in the car. The audio files can be shared, saved or used later in a variety of ways for marketing projects. Being top of mind and in real-time can create the authentic connection and build trust in a sales engagement with strangers that need proof of your success.

5. SlideRocket: You want to be ready with your sales presentations any time anywhere. SlideRocket syncs with an online account where your slide presentations exist. You can create a slide deck explaining your company, product and services and then share them out easily or present right from your mobile device. You are then positioned to give a visual presentation at any time and sharing it with people that are interested in what you do. Keep a library of presentations to explain and clarify what you do with this integrated application.

We can always become more productive. These five mobile apps can become quick, convenient and reliable tools that help your team sell more without having to spend cycles on their computers.

The power of using mobile apps in a natural sales process can equip your sales people to remain plugged in while they work on the go. Once you get these installed, continue exploring how to collaborate, share and drive sales by using the apps creatively.

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