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In theory, writing emails should be the easiest part of your job. You can sit at the comfort of your desk and send out hundreds of messages without having to stuff envelopes or lick stamps. But in reality, writing sales emails is more difficult than most people think it is. No matter how many emails you write, you come back the next day with an empty inbox. No one replies to them. Buyers quickly scan your message and then press delete, or worse, they send your emails to trash without opening them.

It can be frustrating to have a low open rate and an even lower reply rate. You depend on your sales emails to gain prospects, to build relationships, and to sell your offerings. If they’re not working as effectively as they could be, it’s time to improve the way you write them.

Here are some proven ways to improve your sales emails and start making better use of one of the most vital sales tools you have in your arsenal.

1. Do Your Research and Get Personal

It can be really, really tempting to just use the same cookie-cutter email for every recipient on your list. After all, it can save a lot of time. But the best thing you can do to improve your sales emails is to quit it with the generic messages and start doing your research. 

Take some time before every email you send to find out more about who you’re sending it to, what their pain points or challenges are, and how you can help them. Then, weave the information you’ve found into your messages. Personalizing your outreach will make a world of difference.  

2. Talk Benefits, Not Features

Your recipients don’t want to open your email and find something that reads like a press release for your business. You might love your product features and think that everyone should know about them, but no one else is going to care as much as you do. Trust us. People care about how they can benefit from something, so stop making your sales emails all about you, your company, and your products or services. This is what’s going to cause you to lose prospects. Instead, talk about how your recipients will benefit from your offering. Will they save time? Save money? Boost productivity? This is the kind of stuff they want to hear about.

3. Add a Call to Action

Instead of just hoping that your recipients will respond, give you a call, or book an appointment, why not ask them to do it? Adding calls to action to your sales emails will help your prospects understand what next steps you want them to take—and make it easier for them to take those steps. This can motivate them to take action and prevent the typical waiting game from occurring. Instead of just “checking in,” be honest about your intention and tell the prospect what you want. This is the best way to engage your recipients and eliminate guesswork.

4. Write a Powerful Subject Line

If your recipients aren’t even opening your sales emails, your problem might lie in your subject line. You have to entice your prospects to click on your message. You have to make them want to open your emails. And this is done by writing catchy subject lines.

The subject line shouldn’t be something that you come up with at the last minute before you press send. If it’s boring or seems spammy, it won’t work. Using the subject line to ask a question or to offer advice is a great way to improve your open rate. So is adding the recipient’s name.

5. A/B Test for Optimal Results

Finally, make sure you’re a/b testing all of your emails. Segment your list of recipients into groups and send each group a different email. Check your metrics to see which ones had better open and reply rates and which ones didn’t garner any interest. By comparing different drafts, you’ll get to learn what subject lines, what tone, and what type of content your audiences are most interested in, so you can keep improving your sales emails.

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