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Many companies underestimate the true value of practices such as sales training and coaching. They think of training strictly in terms of the instruction that is provided for new hires, but don’t consider the need for further guidance that extends beyond that point. Sales coaching is an invaluable resource that provides in-depth instruction paired with one-on-one attention for individual employees seeking aid in boosting their skills and improving their performance. It has many incredible benefits that are well worth the investment. Here are some of the reasons it’s time you start seriously prioritizing coaching. 

1. Information Retention

As previously established, there is a key difference between sales training and sales coaching, which is the practical application of the instruction received. While sales training is an important part of the establishment of a sales team, short-term sales training has fairly low information retention rates. Coaching, which involves hands-on-guidance, tends to have much higher rates of retention with sales teams, making it well worthy of prioritization.  

2. Building Confidence

The personal attention provided by sales coaching can be a great way to build up the confidence of your sales team. Everyone has different learning styles alongside their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and coaching allows for a space wherein personal concerns can be addressed and individual solutions can be provided. This in turn builds confidence, as employees begin to recognize their own potential and their ability to meet quotas with methods that work directly with their unique styles and approach to sales. Building up the confidence of your sales team should always be a priority, as confidence is a great way to boost both performance and sales.

3. Increased Sales

One of the very best reasons to prioritize sales coaching is for the increase in sales you’re likely to see as a result of its implementation. Most companies that provide coaching for their teams report noticeable results and improvements in figures right away. Because coaches are there to ensure that their instruction is implemented properly, the effects of their guidance lasts longer and has more visible results than many other forms of instruction. Coaching sessions finish when the coaches are confident that the training they’ve imparted will be carried out successfully in the future, with quantifiable improvements to the team. This level of commitment is reflected in the improved performance, and improves sales numbers, that follow on the heels of coaching in sales.

4. Less Turnover

The sales industry boasts one of the highest rates of turnover, with reps regularly leaving the sales department for other departments, or for other companies entirely. Many of those who leave cite a feeling of ineptitude or dissatisfaction with the organization and training as the reason for their departure—problems that can be easily addressed through sales coaching.

Businesses that prioritize coaching almost always see a reduction in the rate of turnover, as employees feel more capable and more assured of their position and value within the company. Turnover is an incredibly expensive process, and anything that can help increase employee retention rates can also help increase overall profits.

5. Better Work Environment

The benefits of a positive working environment are continually stressed, and for good reason. A supportive and functioning work environment contributes to all sorts of positive things in the workplace, from improved mental health to better sales to increased enthusiasm for work.

Sales coaching is one of the ways in which you can contribute to a better working environment. When employees feel valued, both in a team and as individuals with unique strengths, they are more likely to feel positive about their work and to bring that positivity with them to the office.

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