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Selling “cold” is no longer an option for sales professionals. Cold calls and cold emails just don’t work. And social media is now the next frontier. Sales people must use social selling in order to increase their thought leadership, increasing the visibility of their professional brand, and fill their pipeline with the right type of leads and opportunities. Using social media to your advantage in sales can help you boost your prospecting efforts, become better engaged with your prospects and customers, gain trust, and establish credibility—a winning combo. 

Leveraging your existing relationships and networks and using social media as your soapbox is how you’re going to increase your sales now and in the future.

But to see great success from social selling, you have to learn how to social sell the right way. Here are some social selling tips from the experts that you should follow if you want to kill it on social media.

1. Update Your Profiles

You will be using social media primarily to research prospective buyers, learn more about their needs, follow the things they like, and engage them. But you can’t forget that they will also be looking at you. This means that you need to update your profiles. Your LinkedIn profile, for example, should be more than just your resume once you become a social seller. It should detail the problems you’ve solved, the clients you’ve helped, and the value you’ve created for past customers. Use your profiles to position yourself as a resource. Otherwise, why should prospects listen to you?

2. Be a Value Creator

Once again, remember that others will be seeing what you do—or don’t do—on social media. If you want to establish new relationships and have people reach out to you when they have pain points and challenges, you have to give them a reason to do so. Share and create content that establishes you as a value creator. Continuously post on social media. Share relevant news stories, tips and tricks, and helpful advice, and give your own opinions on the content you share. Familiarize yourself with the latest trends and metrics in your field and boast your knowledge and expertise.

3. Don’t Get Too Dependent on Social Media

Social media is a highly valuable tool for sales people. However, you cannot get overly dependent on it and quit all other prospecting techniques and closing tactics. Use social selling to find leads, learn more about prospective buyers, and create an initial connection. But then follow it up with a call to request an appointment. Social media is a great place for building trust and credibility, for increasing visibility, and for establishing relationships. However, it doesn’t lend itself well for the commitment side of sales. You’ll still need to make calls, send emails, and show up in person to actually make sales.

4. Be Genuine

Sure, you’re using social selling as part of your job, but that doesn’t mean you should be overly stuffy, stiff, and professional. Using corporate-robot jargon will only turn off your audience. And not letting your real self shine through your conversations and posts will be boring to anyone reading. Avoid using business and sales speak. Be human. Be conversational. And use your normal voice. People will react more positively.

5. Stay Active

Social media is about being social. You can’t go dark when you get busy and then pop back up only when you need something from someone. That’s not how it works. Though you don’t have to commit half your day to social selling, it’s important that you stay active on social media. Make it easier for yourself by only staying active on one or two networks and using automation to your advantage. Consistency and frequency will help you build your reputation and stay top of mind.

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