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Sales Strategy
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Keeping momentum can be really difficult when working in sales. Bogged down with the pressure of speaking to prospective clients day in and day out, it can be difficult to find ways to break out of an established set of habits. However, keeping it fresh is vital to any successful sales team. With that in mind, here are five strategies you can employ to challenge your sales team.


1. New Sales Strategies

If your sales team has been using the same sales strategies over long periods of time, the routine may be hampering their ability to reach further and think outside of the box. An established set of sales strategies that never changes won’t challenge your team. They’ll grow accustomed to the pattern of using the same pitches and will eventually produce the same results each time.

Mixing up the implemented strategies is one of the best ways to challenge your sales team. New ideas and new approaches will give them room to explore different skill sets and try new things. Introducing new sales strategies is also a great way to ensure that your strategies stay relevant. Many of the more traditional sales strategies have been proven to be largely ineffective, despite still being widely used.


2. Offering Incentives

Incentives are a universal motivator; if you give your team something to look forward to, we guarantee you’ll see them kick into gear. Whether it’s monetary remuneration or the promise of additional vacation days, incentives are an easy and effective way to challenge your sales team.

Incentives can also introduce a healthy amount of competition into the work atmosphere, with sales reps competing against each other for recognition and reward. When deciding which incentives will work best, consider offering tailored incentives. Some employees will be motivated by the prospect of a bonus, while others will feel more compelled by the opportunity to have a meeting with someone at the company they look up to.

3. Providing Training

Training is erroneously considered something that is only valuable for new hires or those who require additional guidance. In reality, ongoing training is a good investment for your team no matter what point they are at in their careers. Sales training is one of the very best ways to challenge your sales team. With professional trainers and coaches, your team will get the attention they need to push them further. Each member of your team has individual strengths and weaknesses that may be holding them back; providing training gives you the opportunity to address each of those personal concerns and struggles.


4. Winning Clients Back

Too many sales reps and managers consider former clients a lost cause. While it can certainly be difficult to win back clients, it’s not impossible. Setting your team the task of winning back as many clients as possible can serve as a great challenge—something for them to work towards that requires a different set of skills and a break from their ordinary routine.

Winning clients back is also a great confidence booster! The feeling of pride and elation your team will experience when they do manage to get a former client to re-sign can be channelled in their other work, driving greater levels of success.

5. Getting Feedback

This last strategy involves more than just the sales team—it also involves management. All too frequently, there can be a disconnect between upper management and sales reps, with management not fully appreciating the struggles that sales reps are encountering on a day-to-day basis. If you seriously want to challenge your sales team, you may need to solicit feedback on what they believe is preventing them from doing their best work. Their answers may surprise you, while also giving you a real opportunity to make innovating and advantageous changes.

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