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An account-based sales model treats each account like a market of one. Usually employed in enterprise-level sales companies and within B2B, the increasingly popular approach involves an entire team dedicated to targeting multiple stakeholders at the target customer’s company. This is as opposed to more traditional approaches involving just one salesperson targeting a single contact within a company.

Here are 5 tools which can help your organization implement successful key account marketing and sales strategies:

1. Datanyze: Intelligence platform which helps to accelerate sales funnels with the right companies and contacts

Datanyze creates technographics to help analyse a prospect’s likelihood of buying your product at a specific time - based on its prior purchasing/subscription behavior. A bit like what Moz does for SEO, your marketing team can use it to crawl a prospect’s website to detect the technologies, software, and platforms the prospect uses; and whether it uses your competitor’s services and for how long.

2. PFL: Reach top prospects, engage across multiple channels, and better connect with marketing to prospect smarter

PFL claims to aid marketing and sales leaders to 'get noticed with integrated solutions that complement every stage of your marketing and sales strategy'. The software helps sales teams reach prospects, communicate through various channel, and work better with marketing to engage smarter and close faster. The 'smart templates' is a powerful tool - giving sales reps in the field access to the most current and impactful marketing materials.

3. Terminus: Helping marketing and sales teams to scale account-based marketing efforts

Some of the most useful features from Terminus include campaigns for lead generation and sales acceleration. Campaigns can target different demographics, buying stages, individual accounts, and other segments of your audience. This allows marketers to easily coordinate complex marketing efforts, track results, optimize campaigns, and feed back to the sales department.

4. Revegy: Visibility and intelligence about the stakeholders, influencers, and decision makers involved in complex B2B sales cycles.

This clever account-based planning platform has built-in visualization features that claims to deliver a ‘bird’s-eye view’ of the buyer landscape. This can give sales and account teams new data which helps them to go beyond org charts and CRM data. Uses of Revegy include: mapping customer goals, connecting key stakeholders and influencers, and understanding of what initiatives take priority for the target's business (and are more likely to have the budget).

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

And, of course, we couldn’t leave out Sales Navigator. With such huge numbers of professionals on the social media network, it remains at the top in terms of ways to fill your pipeline with new leads and build relationships with prospects. Check out our recent SalesProChat episodes on LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Shanna Landolt to learn more about the benefits of LinkedIn as part of your social selling strategy.

Account based marketing and sales tools can help sales teams to engage earlier with prospects, offer higher account relevance, connect marketing channels with account strategies, create more accountability and better access to account information, and inspire clients with helpful content. Check out some of the tools mentioned in this post and let us know how they've helped to streamline your strategy.

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