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Looking for new ways to delve deeper into what motivates your prospects? Want to get the analytics which will support that new sales plan? Need that data to back up strategic decisions? Here are five tools which can help your sales and marketing teams get into the data which will impact your bottom line:

1. Aviso: AI-Driven Forecasting and Sales Visibility

Using Aviso, executives, managers, reps and sales operations leaders get a better handle on quarterly performance and make more educated decisions that speeds up revenue generation. Partnered with sale forecasting tools, the idea is that Sales pros can better prepare for seasonal changes, quarterly fluctuations, and potential events that would usually be unnoticeable to a human being simply reviewing the information by hand.

2. Datahug: Analyzing Touch Points and Building Forecasts for Improved Sales Results

Datahug is a helpful software which clearly shows you which deals are moving in your pipeline, and the reasons why. Using this tech, your sales team can raise departmental responsibility for forecasts, get better insights into the likelihood and timing of leads in your funnel, and get to grips with how to shorten sales cycles and increase conversions.

3. InsightSquared: Real-Time Reporting, Reliable Forecasting, and Complete Pipeline Mapping

Need to track, visualize, and analyze all of your historical pipeline data and free up time to take action? InsightSquared claims to get you out of those pesky spreadsheets and provide all the info you need. From daily sales intelligence to deep analyses.

4. Lionboard Analytics: Benchmarking and Growing Your ROI

Lionboard makes it easier to analyze the effect of your sales enablement activities on your bottom line. Lionboard’s data analytics and simple data visualizations can help demonstrate the rationale of your sales strategy as well as the benefits of your programs on seller readiness and performance.

5. RingLead: Clean and Enhance Company and Contact Information, Leading to Improved Business Intelligence

RingLead offers a complete end-to-end suite of products to clean, protect and enhance company and contact information, leading to improved organizational efficiency, reliable business intelligence, and maximized ROI on CRM and marketing automation investments. RingLead claims to have helped 'solve the dirty data problems of large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses across the globe'.

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