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Sales Strategy
May 3, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association

Sales is an industry that is constantly evolving, with market fluctuations and new technologies changing the way we do business. Flexibility and adaptability is key when working in sales; this means learning what skills are necessary to make it in the current sales climate. There are few top sales skills that you can’t do without if you’re looking to make it in sales today, and we’re here to tell you what they are.

1. Sincerity

Sincerity is infectious; customers are more likely to believe in a product if they feel that the sales rep genuinely believes in it too. That means approaching each sales call by getting excited by what you’re offering and passing off that genuine excitement to the customer. Selling with sincerity is one of the very top sales skills you can have if you’re working in this industry. It almost always translates into better sales figures and higher performance. It can also help build trust between clients and companies, and trust, in turn, can turn into long-lasting and fruitful relationships.

2. Active Listening

This skill works in conjunction with sincerity. When you’re being sincere with a customer, you should also be listening to what they have to say and taking an active interest in their unique concerns and needs. Active listening has become one of the top sales skills you need if you want to excel in this industry because it truly works when it comes to better performance in sales. When you listen to customers, you’re better able to tailor the sales call to their individuals needs, providing a solution that will have practical application in their lives. Customers also appreciate being heard, and, to go back to trust, will feel more comfortable doing business with you if they feel like they’ve been understood.

3. Self-Motivated

If you’re working in sales, you can’t wait for someone else to light a fire underneath you in order to get to work. While the company you work for might have a minimum of sales calls you need to complete in a day, the number of sales calls that you actually complete comes down to your ability to self-motivate. Working sales is all about setting goals for yourself and then exceeding them; meeting the minimum requirements isn’t going to cut if you want to excel. One of the top sales skills you can have is the ability to self-motivate. This includes effective time-management, goal setting, and learning to work efficiently.

4. Persuasive

Persuasiveness is one of the more obvious top sales skills, yet it’s value cannot be underestimated. Customers like having compelling reasons to make a decision and invest in a product. A sales rep with formidable persuasive skills will be able to offer convincing arguments for why they should agree to buy. They’ll also be able to turn any objections around, offering both solutions and reasons why those objections could actually be incentives to purchase. Being persuasive, however, does not mean being pushy. Pushy sales reps don’t do well, and those who are the most adept at persuasion understand that they need to respect the boundaries the client has established.

5. Thorough

A great sales rep is nothing if not thorough. This means knowing the product or service you are selling inside and out, having a variety of strategies for any situation, and anticipating objections and being prepared to meet them. Being thorough means being prepared—taking the time to make sure you have a complete understanding of everything necessary for your sales call before it even begins. Getting flustered or thrown off by a question or concern is the mark of an amateur; a true professional is thorough enough so they can rise to meet any challenge.

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