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Sales Strategy
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Building an environment for your sales team to thrive is essential to long term growth and success. Avoid these 6 deadly killers of sales motivation at all costs, so you can foster a workplace fit for victory. 

1. Disconnected Teams
A disconnected team will never work well together. Poisonous people will spread negativity across the sales floor and overwhelm those contributing positivity. Look and listen for signs that your more difficult salespeople are bringing negativity to the team and act accordingly. Sometimes it is easier to hire a new team member than trying to battle those who are resistant to change.

2. Time Wasting
Motivating your sales team to be successful relies heavily on your ability to plan their days strategically.  One of the biggest time wasting activities, which can be harmful to sales results and ultimately morale, is the disconnect between calling and administrative time. For example, don’t let your team get distracted by the emails flooding into their inboxes while they are completing other tasks. Try having your team turn off their email notifications, so they can visit them at an appropriate time.

3. Lack of Professional Development Training
If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. Professional development not only allows your sales team to grow into their role within your team and develop key skills, but it gives them the opportunity to develop skills that they can take with them throughout their career. Sales training transforms sales representatives into sales professionals and fosters long-lasting, trust-based relationships with clients.

4. Poor Communication
A lack of communication on the sales floor can be detrimental to your success. With a sales team left guessing what to do next, critical tasks can go untouched. If you want to build better communication, communicate daily and weekly goals so that your team knows what is expected of them. Remember, follow-up is also critical to open communication. If you don’t follow up on your requests, tasks can go untouched. Open and effective communication with colleagues will help you be a better sales manager and achieve top sales results.

5. Appreciation
When hard work or achievements go unrecognized, people become uninspired and unenthusiastic. This leads to poor morale and increased frustration among sales teams and can often result in poor results and turnover. Remember that a simple “thank you” or “congratulations” can work wonders at motivating your top performers or most improved employees to continue working towards excellence.

6. Mediocre Leadership
As a sales manager, your organization and team depend on you to be the key component of revenue generation. Therefore, sales managers need to develop their own leadership tactics that foster growth on their teams. Opt for sales training that explores your role as a sales manager, builds skills and improves performance, so you can become the sales manager that drives the success of your company.

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