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Sales Strategy
The Canadian Professional Sales Association

From the perspective of both sales managers and sales reps, the importance of developing a weekly sales plan is essential to meeting short term goals and exceeding long term expectations. Whether you are developing a plan for your team, or developing a strategy for your individual benefit, creating a weekly sales plan of action will help set goals, maintain motivation and pursue continued success.

Use the following 6 steps to help you plan an effective sales week, so you can achieve the sales potentials you have set for yourself or your team.

Sales Call Preparation
Start your sales week by blocking off time to plan your sales calls. Whether it means writing an agenda of when to contact your most significant prospects, rehearsing how to approach your most important calls, or simply setting a goal of how many calls to make, this prep time is essential to starting your day off with discipline. Even seasoned sales reps need to prepare themselves for the day ahead, so taking this extra step will make you more effective. As a sales manager, allot time for your team to do sales preparation before they get on the phone. Doing so will not only allow for individual development, but it will also set a preparedness standard that all reps should strive to maintain and exceed.

Voice Mail and Email Response
Trying to keep track of your emails and voicemail messages throughout the day distracts you from giving your full focus on the calls at hand. Rather than responding to these messages throughout the day, dedicate blocks of time 1-3 times a day, to go through these messages. Sales managers call this “administrative time”, which gives reps the opportunity to focus on their calls and messages when appropriate.

Nurture Your Accounts
When you are planning your sales week, identify time you will dedicate to nurturing your most difficult relationships. Do you have a dream client currently working with the competition? Block off time to reach out to the decision maker and make your presence known. Learn about their business and identify how your goods or services will benefit their bottom line. 

Plan to Prospect
When creating a sales call schedule, it is important to dedicate a portion of your day to prospecting. For many sales reps, if prospecting is not worked into their schedule, the more likely they are to overlook this vital activity. Whether you spend a portion of each day prospecting, or you devote time on specific days of the week, prospecting will allow you to track decision-maker contacts, gather more appointments and close more sales.

Follow-Up Activities
Developing a trusting relationship with your clients and prospects relies on your ability to keep effective time management. Just as you would block off time to nurture your dream accounts or to work though administrative tasks, it is important you block off time to follow up from your prospecting activities. Whether this means following up on inquiries, closing deals with interested leads or gathering referrals, keep your commitments to prospects the same you do current clients.

Personal Time
Whether you read a book, watch a webinar or listen to a speaker, it is important to continue your development outside of the office. No matter how you choose to approach your professional sales development, schedule some time each week to learning new skills and honing your craft.

Whether you're a sales manager developing a plan for your team or a sales reps working towards your own goals, remember that developing a weekly sales plan will not only help you set goals, but it will support you when maintaining motivation. Use the 6 weekly steps above to set you on the fast track to weekly, monthly and yearly sales success.

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