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Sales Strategy
Feb 1, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

The difference between a good manager and a great manager can also be the difference between a good sales team and a great sales team. As manager, you’re responsible for steering your team in the right direction, and in order to do this effectively, there are seven key skills you must have.


1. Commitment to Corporate Culture

A strong and healthy corporate culture is one of the most important elements of a thriving sales team. It can help improve a team’s confidence, encourage sales reps to achieve more, and prevent high turnover rates. As a sales manager, helping to foster an environment that is inclusive and supportive is one of the best things you can do for your team. A strong corporate culture can also lead to better sales performance overall, as employees feel more comfortable in their workplace.


2. Transparency

Any decisions you make or policies that you decide to implement as sales manager should be done with transparency. The decisions you undertake as sales manager have a real impact on your team and the way they conduct their work. When you act with transparency, you allow the members of your team to better understand both your position and how your decision will be carried out. Transparency ensures that nothing happens behind closed doors, and that employees feel that their needs are being respected in the decision-making process.

3. Accountability

There’s nothing worse than a manager who refuses to take responsibility for mistakes they made or strategies they implemented that have failed. A great manager is accountable when things go wrong, not just when things go right. Accountability can help foster trust between you and your employees, and trust contributes to a more healthy corporate culture.


4. Decision Making

There is no room for indecisiveness if you want to be a great sales manager. For the reps who are relying on your decisions to carry out their work, nothing is more frustrating than a boss who won’t make a decision or who puts off essential decision making until it’s more convenient for them. A great manger takes action and makes decisions, even if they’re difficult.

5. Patience

A lot of people rely on you when you’re the sales manager, and depending on the length of time they’ve been working for you and the level of experience they have, they may need more patience and guidance than others. Great managers demonstrate patience towards their employees, while also knowing when to be firm and demand results. Not allowing room for growth and learning, however, is a big mistake. It can lead to less than satisfactory results and employees feeling uncomfortable or intimidated in your presence.

6. Prioritizing

Working in a managerial position means that you’re constantly surrounded by tasks that need completing and by demands from those around you. Effective time-management and learning how to prioritize amongst various job becomes an imperative part of being a great manager. Not all tasks are made equal; some will demand more attention than others and knowing how to organize the various work so that the most pressing issues are addressed quickly is an essential skill.

7. Being a Teammate

Finally, a great manager is so much more than just a manager; they’re also a team player. The greatest managers are those who demonstrate to their employees that they share their concerns and are willing to get their hands dirty when necessary. As a manger, it’s important for you to understand the actual work your employees do so that you can better manage their work and address their specific problems. This means spending time with your sales team and being a real teammate. Trust us, your employees will appreciate it.

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