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Technology has always had a transformative power when it comes to the way that businesses operate. In the late 1800s, the telephone came along and transformed business communication. In the early 1900s, the assembly line transformed the means of production. In the 1980s computers transformed everything about how a business runs. Today, big data and artificial intelligence (A.I.) are the new frontier of tech and they are set to transform business as we know it, especially B2B sales.

Right now, AI is enabling sales teams to collate and analyze vast amounts of data, provide real-time analysis of interactions and provide coaching, cut down on research and prospecting time, and streamline sales processes. Here’s a list of 8 AI tools that are transforming B2B sales. is a platform designed to help sales leaders get the best out of their sales people and enable sales teams to operate at optimal effectiveness. It does this by giving sales leaders a full picture of all sales activities in their department and uses AI technology to provide performance analytics, tailored coaching and pipeline reviews.

Crystal Knows

Crystal knows is all about using AI to give a sales rep a competitive edge by helping them better understand their customers. As you know, social selling is all about connecting and building relationships through social networks. Crystal does the research for you and collates online data to give you personality profiles for all of your contacts. It offers you tips and coaching to win their attention, trust and business.


Nudge is another tool that leverages AI and big data to help you build better relationships with customers. It finds news and social updates at both the individual and account level by filtering through massive amounts of data from across the web. It uses these learnings to give you actionable insights about how to target customers.


Drift is a live chat bot that can streamline your online sales process. Today, customers don’t want to be sold to they want to be helped and creating a positive customer experience on your website is an important way to make sales or land demos. Drift enables you to easily talk to people while they’re live on your website so you can answer their questions in real-time, convert more leads, and start closing more deals.


TalkIQ uses AI to analyse the phone conversations that you have with customers in real-time and coach you through calls. Your first phone contact with a customer is make or break; TalkIQ helps you have better conversations and make a bigger impact by giving you insights into your customers’ responses in real time and giving you tips and suggestions about how to respond in turn. It helps with forecasting too by using AI to tell you which of your deals are likely to close… and which aren’t.


Conversica is an AI tool that delivers qualified leads. The platform automates email conversations with your prospects to engage, nurture and qualify them for sales. It fosters real conversations with all your leads, meaning you never miss out on following up on a lead because of time constraints and frees you up for actual sales.

Another time saving AI tool, records, transcribes and analyzes your meetings in real-time and provides insights into why deals are won and lost. This tool will break down a one hour call into a 5 minute summary giving your sales pros actionable feedback to improve performance.


Troops bills itself as “the slack bot for sales teams.” It uses AI to enable sales pros to automate their workflow and align them with cross-functional teams. Sales teams love it because it’s a way to streamline and manage their sales pipeline by automatically tracking Salesforce data and presenting it in an easy-to-digest way. 

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