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Sales Strategy
Aim Small, Miss Small
Jun 1, 2016 | Leanne Hoagland-Smith lock
In the movie, The Patriot, Mel Gibson as a father tells his two young songs to “Aim Small, Miss Small” as this family works together to save a son and an older brother. Is business marketing and sales truly any different?

Possibly the place to start is to gain crystal clarity as to the “why” questions within business. When you can answer each why question with crystal clarity, then you are aiming small and, therefore, missing small. However, if you can’t answer each why, then you are aiming big and missing even larger.

#1 – Why You as the Seller?
In business, when you determine this first why, you as the seller, are actually creating a unique selling proposition. This may or may not be your tag line. As the marketplace becomes even more crowded, you may have to re-brand yourself to further differentiate you from everyone else. I call this being the “red jacket in the sea of gray suits.”

#2 – Why Me as the Buyer?
Within your strategic plan, there should be a marketing plan. This marketing plan helps to address this second why. With greater clarity specific to your target market, there will be more small aims and more small misses.

#3 – Why This Solution, Service, or Product?
Your business was created to provide a solution. You saw a need within the market place and responded. This is the third why. For example, I have three successful clients who are in promotional marketing, but all are responding to different needs within the marketplace.

#4 – Why Take Action Now?
To answer the fourth why begins with your skills as a sales person. You have properly qualified your prospects. Now your open-ended questions allow you to widen the gap between where your prospects are now and where they wish to be.

#5 – Why This Investment?
Many in sales answer the fifth why question of price first. They are infected with what I call the 3P’s Virus. Before the relationship is built, they puke one if not all of these P’s: product, price, or proposal.

TAKE ACTION to start to aim small and miss small. Watch yourself hit your target market with greater accuracy and see those sales grow.

About the Author
Leanne Hoagland-Smith _ LinkedIn
Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S., Chief Results Officer of ADVANCED SYSTEMS, is the people and process problem solver for forward thinking SMB executives and sales 
professionals in rapidly growing markets. She has 25 plus years experience in private and public sectors as an executive coach, workplace culture tactician as well as 
nationally published author and recognized speaker who brings common sense solutions.  

If you are tired of repetitive solutions that deliver minimal to short terms results, give 
Leanne a call at 219.508.2859 central time or connect with her via any of the links noted below.

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