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Sales Strategy
Sep 8, 2014 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

The use of testimonials, whether in text, audio or video format, allows sales professionals to transform their sales pitches into credible and unbiased recommendations of their products and services. However, is one testimonial format more effective than another? Let’s investigate.


Video Testimonial

Video testimonials give companies the ability to demonstrate how effectively their product or service can benefit prospective customers with a visual straight from the source. For many prospective clients, there is no better way of swaying an opinion than hearing and viewing praise from existing customers directly. Not only can visual testimonials be used on a one by one basis, but they can also be used as additional marketing for your business online, which can in turn raise your level of credibility. More importantly, if used correctly, visual testimonials make your business pitch memorable.

When are visual testimonials best used?

Video testimonials are most effective when used in conjunction with other visual elements of a pitch. If you are strictly pitching without visuals, a video testimonial can appear out of place and overdramatic. Additionally, creating, editing and updating video content can be time consuming and costly, especially if your products and services change regularly.

By utilizing client testimonials at the right time, you are giving a voice to the customers of your business, which shows customers why and how your business can fulfil their needs.

Written Testimonials

Alike video testimonials, written testimonials carry a level of credibility because they come from someone who has direct experience with your product or service. Written testimonials can be used in many ways to enhance your credibility and set you above your competition. Some websites have testimonials strategically distributed throughout, so there's at least one testimonial on each page. Others have a dedicated page where a browser can view several testimonials at once.

When are written testimonials best used?

Unlike video testimonials, written testimonials are relevant if used separate from in-person pitches. If used appropriately, written pitches are best used if they are incorporated into a written proposal, when a visual is not applicable. This strategy works best if you have a wide variety to choose from, so you can include a section of testimonials that are most relevant to a specific proposal.

A benefit of using written testimonials is their ease of creation. Unlike video, written testimonials are free resources, which require no visual editing.

Which is more effective?

When choosing between visual and written testimonials, many elements should be taken into consideration:

- Do you provide in person pitches?
- What is the demographic of your clientele? Is a visual presentation more stimulating?
- Can your budget accommodate the creation of visuals?
- Do you send more proposals than direct pitches?

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