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Sales Leadership
Jul 28, 2014 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

One-on-one training sessions between sales managers and individual salespeople is an effective way of coaching for success.  Not only does one-on-one coaching allow the sale manger to address individual areas for improvement, but it allows the salesperson to feel as though they are an important and valued part of the team. Coaches should inspire commitment to action and support performance through one-on-one coaching, as they focus on the process rather than the results.

Many sales managers ask traditional questions such as, “What is going well?” or “How are you improving?”, however, these varieties of questions result in more personal reflection than direct engagement. In order to get more out of your coaching sessions, ask questions more specific and personalized to your employees.

To engage with your salesperson, as questions like:

- Have you learned any new skills recently?

- Are you challenged enough in your current position?

- Do you feel you could improve your skills through a specific type of sales training?

- What could you learn that would make you more valuable to the team?

- Is my coaching style allowing you to develop and succeed in your current position?

Asking the right questions creates opportunity, builds relationships and leads to greater sales development. Remember each salesperson on your team requires one-on-one training in order for you to build a strong, successful and unified team

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