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Jun 6, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

The ability to attract and engage top sales talent is key for any for-profit organisation. In many sectors like tech and finance, competition for top sales talent is fierce. Setting your company apart from the rest involves effective communication of the brand’s values, personality and culture and creating a strong employer brand.

By engaging with sales pros with higher potential or proven sales success, you are investing in the future of your business. Hiring the right sales people, however, is not easy.

Today’s top sales talent potentially has more routes to market than ever before. Beyond their networks, prior relationships and industry knowledge, the best sales professionals today come with multiple social selling channels at their disposal plus broader understanding of the interconnectedness between sales and marketing.

In addition to attracting those with the right skills and expertise, the cultural fit must be right. The best sales people tend to be those that are fully invested in the employer brand, goals and working culture.

Here are some ways to present your company as the best option for top sales talent in your sector.

People and Culture

To attract top talent, you need to show candidates that yours is a supportive culture led by a collective understanding and buy-in of the company’s goals and what the brand believes.

People love sharing stories of engaging workplaces so, when you can offer this atmosphere, you may find the top talent coming to you.

Be Performance Focused

In addition to providing a welcoming, energetic work culture, it can be important to show that yours is a company built on rewarding success. One which, for a potential sales employee, offers clear KPIs and rewards them for achieving. By showing that your company recognises talent, you will be on a path to a performance-driven company culture.

Millennials are often represented as wanting more than traditional monetary rewards. Feedback, recognition, flexibility of hours, work-life balance, clear paths to advancement, and autonomy are among the major characteristics top sellers look for in an employer.

Encourage Brand Advocacy and Social Selling

A big indicator for sales pros looking to join a company which rewards resourcefulness and innovation is whether a company encourages brand advocacy through new social selling channels. By offering a reasonable framework of brand standards and employee social media policies, your salespeople can leverage social channels to project your brand to new networks.

Social selling remains underused by most companies. The best sales people can connect the dots between social selling channels to give them the widest possible leads funnel. The top employers encourage their salespeople to grow their technical skills, routes to market and personal online reputations.

Offer Training and Development

Good sales pros want to develop into great salespeople. The best salespeople constantly look for ways to improve. These are the sales pros with the highest long term potential as they tend to stay longer with an employer who provides opportunities for development and growth. Longer-term income potential may attract a top candidate more than competitive compensation with limited career growth opportunities.

And Remember: Play the Long Game

While there are ways to speed up the process through short term measures such as high base pay or generous benefits plans which out-compete competitors, creating a sustainable conveyer belt of top talent takes time. Developing an attractive employer brand, a place where tops sales pros strive to work, involves lots of work. When done right, the benefits to your brand and bottom line are enormous.

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