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Sales Strategy
Oct 20, 2015 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

While a full pipeline is the constant goal for most salespeople and their teams, a steady flow of complicated and conflict driven customers can leave you drowning on the sales field. Avoid these 3 customers at all costs to ensure you stay at the top of your game.

1. Bullies
All salespeople have been in a situation where the customer tries to intimidate them towards a sale. In many cases this pressure is to push for better pricing or free services. Whether threatening to go to the competition, or speaking about the company negatively just to get a deal, sales bullies will stop at nothing to get the most for their dollar. While customer retention is important, it is only valuable to a certain point. By giving into sales bullies you will waste your time and energy negotiating, rather than working on other accounts. In many cases, you will end up losing the desire to help the customer.

Avoid! Go with your gut. If you are spending more time negotiating with a particular customer than you are selling, cut the cord. If the customer is angry over a price your other customers are happy to pay, don’t look back.

2. Bloodsuckers
Sales bloodsuckers are the customers who seem interested in your goods and services, but are really in contact to use you for your knowledge. In other words, you provide answers and they will go elsewhere with the information you have given them…for a cheaper price. 

Avoid! When a prospect asks you to do work for which you would normally charge, you must determine if the extra work is worth the potential sale. If the customer hesitates, they are more than likely out for free services.

3. Scammers
Sales scammers are customers who are working with you to play the system. Using you to get a better price out of a competitor, a sale scammer will ask you to provide your lowest and best price. Instead, the customer has already decided to purchase from another company, but wants a low bid from you in order to extract price concessions.

Avoid! During the sales process, try and find out which competitor your sales scammer is speaking with. If you are able to determine the competition, you will be able to evaluate if the sale is worth it.

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