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Meet Lawrence Robinson, CSP of AGFA, who earned his Certified Sales Professional designation and used it to change the corporate culture within his company.


1. Tell us a bit about your position within AGFA.

I am currently the business manager of all of Western Canada, and am responsible for the sales team and business growth in that region.

2. How many years have you been in sales, and what motivated you to enter the sales profession?

I have been in sales for the past 12 years.  I first started in engineering, but was put into a management position within my company.  Within this management position, I spent a lot of time with the sales department, managing the profit and loss of the company.  This aspect of the business interested me, which lead me into sales.

3. Why did you choose to earn your CSP designation?

My Director at AGFA, Ruben Silva who is a CSP, spoke highly of the CSP designation program and the consultative selling process.  This sparked my interest to learn more about the courses and designation program that CPSA offered.  AGFA was also going through a transformation process.  Our guys were now going out directly to promote our products.  I wanted to move the company and my team away from just using features and benefits to sell our products and more towards the consultative selling process.

4. What successes have you had going through with our CSP designation program?  What were you able to take from it?

The one thing that really stuck with me was the 8-Step Consultative Sales process.  Once my guys finished their training with CPSA, the 8-Steps became our common language within the company.  I also wanted my team to realize that they were professional sales consultants.  Once they started to apply the concepts they were taught during their training, they were able to start uncovering the needs of their client before the client even knew they had that need.

5. What advice would you give to others pursuing their designation?

If you put the energy and effort into the profession, it is very exciting and rewarding.  It’s even more exciting when you are interacting with a sale professional who addresses all of your needs.

Thanks to Mr. Robinson, for sharing his experiences! To find out more about the CPSA’s Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation, click here or email us at

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