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Team selling is no longer a dirty term, in fact it’s an integral part of account-based selling. While salespeople have traditionally avoided collaboration, advances in technology and a shift towards team targets, incentives and rewards means collaboration is becoming more and more popular both within the sales team and across departments. And guess what? It works! As sales has evolved into the business of providing customer solutions, today’s reps see that collaboration simply offers more customer choice and more unique solutions.

Let’s take a look at the collaboration-focused tech that’s changing how teams sell.

Removing Roadblocks to Collaboration

In the past, it wasn’t just an unwillingness that meant sales teams didn’t collaborate, it was the sheer complexity involved in doing so. Collaboration-focused tech is changing all that by making teamwork simple and easy. Tools like SpringCM can automate your document cycle and make it easy for teams to work together in the creation, review, tracking, storage, and sign-off of content. Similarly, DocSend and DocuSign offer centralized content management, making it easier to share, find and collaborate on documents and contracts, making it faster and easier to get to the close.

Uncovering Existing Relationships

We all know that relationships matter in sales. Decision makers are more likely to buy based on a recommendation from someone they know. Collaboration-focused tech tools such as TrustSphere and Reachable use relationship analytics to enable your team to harness the power of existing relationships within your organisation and wider network. Furnished with this intel, your salespeople can increase their chances of securing a meeting and closing by collaborating with the best person to reach out to prospects.


Consultative Selling

Today’s tech can catapult your consultative selling skills into the stratosphere. Acting as a trusted adviser necessitates the ability to share ideas and your product’s value effectively. Enter Value Story (Mediafly), a collaboration-focused tool that allows you to interact and collaborate effectively with your customers. Offering engaging and impactful ROI calculators, benchmark assessments and product comparisons, this tech moves your pitch from boring to a truly bringing value.  Another tool that helps you truly collaborate with customers is Showpad which makes your content more accessible. Both sales reps and customers can easily find, share, or present the perfect content and encourage meaningful consultative conversations.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent analytic platforms empower collaboration through powerful data and performance insights.
Domo is a tool that connects your data and your departments. It analyses data from across your business to provide easy-to-understand data visualizations about opportunities, risks and strategic next steps. With the data at your team’s finger tips, collaboration across the entire organization is possible through data-driven decisions.

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