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Apr 12, 2019 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock
“All things being equal…people buy from people they like!” 
Regardless of industry, tangible vs. intangible product or service, clients buy from people they like! 

Quota® CHARISMA™ has broken down this often esoteric, but essential skill that top performers have. That is the skill of being ‘likeable’. What exactly they do to achieve this result has been researched and analyzed and is now available in a learning format. Using the Quota® gamification methodology of involvement, learners experience first hand what skills are necessary to be ‘liked’. 

Topics covered in this webinar are: 

• Linking sales process with ‘Likability’ 
• 'Onioning' as a method of developing deeper relationships 
• Story-telling Dynamics. The 3 elements of a good story 
• Why ‘High Values’ are essential to strong relationships 
• How: Flame; Ghost; Free styles mesh with client’s comfort zones.

quota webinar

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