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Who was the last person you called just to chat? Maybe your mother? A close friend? People are spending less time talking on the phone, and most phone conversations today are reserved for the most important people in our lives. In fact, 32% of people would rather text than talk to you, and phone calls are the least used form of communication when compared with social media, texting, and email.

These trends are clear in B2B sales as well. Callback rates are hovering around 1%, and even emails are only opened 24% of the time. Sales people are having more difficulty reaching prospects, and this is why you need a great B2B social selling program.

What is Social Selling?

Social selling is a method of relationship building through social networks. Sales professionals use social media platforms to research, prospect, and network, sharing educational content and answering questions. Through the process of building these online relationships, salespeople can eliminate cold calls and close new deals.

What makes a great social selling program?

A Reason for Salespeople to Participate

Sales teams are typically measured on sales results, and they may not view social selling as a method to increase their sales numbers. This means they won’t view it as important, and therefore they won’t do it. Give your sales team a compelling reason to participate in social selling. Maybe social selling results should be included in your bonusing structure. Maybe it’s a matter of communicating how impactful these strategies are, and sharing success stories. It can take some time to see the results from social selling, but make sure that your sales team understands that social selling programs are only as effective as the effort put into them.

Transforming Salespeople into Brand Advocates

It’s time to transform your sales team. B2B buyers are starting their search with referrals, and they are looking for word of mouth recommendations from people they trust. Social media discussions are usually centered around an authentic connection, and so you need to transform your sales team into trusted brand advocates for your organization. The sales team is the expert on the customer as well as the face of your organization, which puts them in a perfect position to recommend the right solutions for their prospects’ problems. Encourage them to be listeners and advocates instead of “salesy”, and watch as they flourish as social sellers.

A fast, easy way to share content and connect

Social selling is more than just cold outreach through social profiles. Arm your sales team with incredible content that will build trust and foster a relationship with prospects before there is even mention of a sale. Make sure they have all of the tools and training they need to become killer social sellers. It doesn’t have to be time consuming - one organization, BMC software, created an online portal called BeSocial for sharing content. Enabling everyone at the organization to quickly and easily find relevant content and share it through their own social profiles makes social selling efficient, fast, and easy.

People don’t buy your products because of the logo or the homepage of your website. They buy because of other people – and people today are connecting through social media. Be where your customers are, and speak to them where they want to be spoken to with social selling.

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