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Aug 14, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

There is a reason cover songs are so popular – despite the fact that the original is often well known and well loved, a different, creative approach can make the song new again. A different artist may bring out nuances that we didn’t notice in another version, or give the song an entirely different meaning.

How Important is Creativity to Succeeding in Sales?

Taking a creative approach and making something old new again isn’t just limited to music. You can adopt a creative approach to sales, and reap the rewards of taking a classic, and making it a little bit newer, fresher and more personal.

Make an Classic Technique New Again

There are several examples of songs performed in one genre that have been covered in a new style, and, as a result, they have appealed to an entirely new audience. Rap songs have become hit acoustic covers, for instance.

Taking a creative approach to your classic sales tactics could have a similarly successful result. For instance, direct mail was once standard practice in a sales cycle, but with the rise of email and digital marketing, direct mail declined. With CASL’s limitations on electronic communication, print can expect to continue to see a revival as marketers look to apply some creativity, and make this classic sales tactic appealing to a new audience.

Find a New Way to Reach Your Buyer

A few years ago, the only way artists could get their music out was through record labels, performances, or selling their CD on street corners. The internet has brought new channels through which artists can share their music, and this has brought us a proliferation of cover songs. Artists, including Justin Beiber, have risen to fame through performing cover songs on Youtube.

The internet has brought similar opportunities to sales professionals. There are channels that most sales people are familiar with, such as Linkedin, but some creativity may reveal other digital channels through which you can reach your buyer. Try to understand where your buyers are spending their time, and leverage that channel to gain their attention.

Stand Out From the Crowd

In a world that is constantly competing for people’s attention, it can be hard to stand out. While cover songs are familiar, they are actually a way that artists can stand out. There are the songs that we all stop to listen to even though we have heard them dozens, or even hundreds of times, simply because we know the tune.

You can find creative ways to repurpose familiar sales techniques or tactics too. Airdancers, or, as you may know them, inflatable flailing arm men, are typically seen on used car lots, grand openings, or carnivals. They are familiar and catch people’s attention, but they are generally viewed as tacky. However, with some creativity, there could be a way to leverage this familiar advertising product at your events or tradeshows to stand out from the crowd.

When your usual techniques aren’t working, creativity in sales can be the difference between success and failure. Just like a musician, you could be the one to reinvent a classic, and reap the rewards.

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