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Sales Leadership
Oct 4, 2012 | Todd Bates lock

Todd Bates, seasoned entrepreneur and consultant, shares his take on Time-management challenges and Solutions:

Time Management Symptoms
•      Being Attached to the Phone: We’ve all seen them; they’re the “crackberry” crowd that can’t disconnect from their Bluetooth, and therefore spend all of their time, phone minutes, and money in the name of “staying connected.”
•      Doing Everything Themselves: Many business owners fall into the “nobody can do it better than I can” trap. Even with a staff of people, many have a big issue with delegating.
•      Working 24/7: The simple truth is, anybody who works every waking minute will get burnt out. When they put the rest of life on hold and never take a break, it actually works against them.
•      “Firefighter Mentality”: Entrepreneurs can find fires to put out where there shouldn’t be fires. One common sign of this is allowing their day to be dictated by the flood of emails, voicemails, and orders that they are faced with first thing in the day. This means that their day is never predictable and often chaotic.
•      Not Enough Moneymaking Activity: If business owners aren’t bringing in the money they’d like, they’re probably not spending enough time on crucial money-making activities such as: talking to prospects, marketing, and coming up with new marketing, strategies, and products.

Time Management Solutions
•      Moneymaking Activities Before Noon: Going back to focusing on the activities that will actually bring in money, it is important to get these activities done in the morning. The reason for this is most entrepreneurs will find it much harder to block out time in the afternoon for important tasks.
•      Controlling the Phone: To avoid running all calls through the business owner’s cell phone, consider these alternatives:
1. Use an 800# that has tracking as one of its features. This will allow prospects to dial an extension when they call which can provide information and then allow the prospect to get in touch. It will also provide tracking so business owners can see how their marketing is performing.
2. Try Google Voice, a free service that provides an additional phone number that will forward calls to your office or cell phone. This system allows the user to set the time of day that they will take calls.
•      Price for Success: Though many entrepreneurs feel they need to spend every free hour working, aim to spend 2-3 solid hours on moneymaking activity prior to noon daily. It’s not how much time you’re spending on your business, it’s whether that time is being used in the most effective way.


Todd Bates is a leading business consultant, speaker, author, and President and Owner of Todd Bates Systems. Using his talent for business marketing and with years of success behind him, Bates dedicates his career to teaching other businesses and entrepreneurs how to thrive.

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