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Sep 4, 2013 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock
Did you know... 
Your Canadian government health care plan cannot extend to all medical situations outside of your province/territory of residence. Once you travel outside of your province/territory, you leave yourself unprotected against a variety of potential financial risks. 
If you plan to travel anywhere, remember to purchase travel insurance with emergency medical benefits before you leave. Travelling without these benefits could result in lasting monetary consequences if you were to experience any type of medical emergency during your period of travel. 
To be financially protected when you travel to any country, consider a plan like the TIPS Emergency Medical Plan. With the TIPS Emergency Medical Plan, you have unlimited coverage for necessary hospital and medical fees, emergency dental repairs and treatment, as well as emergency medical evacuations to appropriate medical facilities. A TIPS Emergency Medical plan can also provide up to $1,750 in funds to cover accommodation and meals when you, your companion, or a family member of yours need to receive treatment due to an unexpected injury or sickness while travelling. Emergency medical plans like TIPS’ can also give you access to 24/7 medical assistance services. These services can prove themselves invaluable during a medical emergency since they allow a traveller more time and energy to manage the medical crisis at hand. These services can include medical and dental referrals, advance payments to hospitals, the dispatch of physicians and specialists, and the replacement of travellers’ lost or forgotten prescriptions. 
Here are a few useful facts about travel insurance to be aware of:
As Canadians, a majority of us have coverage for medical expenses under our provincial government health plan. But when we travel outside of our province, not everything is covered. A TIPS Emergency Medical Plan can protect against out-of-province healthcare expenses. It covers unlimited hospital and medical expenses, emergency evacuation and unlimited dental accident coverage. It also provides $500 for extras during a hospital stay (in-hospital phone, television, etc.) and up to $50 to replace lost, stolen or damaged prescription medication. 
If you already have a Medical Condition when you buy travel insurance, it is considered “pre-existing” in relation to the start of your coverage. So now you have to ask: is my pre-existing condition “Stable and Controlled” or not, according to the policy’s requirements and taking into account my age and if my condition changed and, if yes, when? It is important to note that you may still be covered for pre-existing conditions, so long as they meet the conditions of your policy, including time and age conditions. 
Many policies allow a period of time after purchase for you to review your policy and decide if it’s right for you, or if you should switch to a different plan. TIPS offers a 10-day review period. You can cancel a policy free of charge within this period, provided you have not left on your trip yet and there is no claim pending.
TIPS offers a wide range of plans to meet your needs! To view or purchase our plans, click here.

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