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Example of a Sales Letter Or Email When a Prospect Gets a New Job
Sep 1, 2009 | Mark Satterfield lock

This example of a sales letter or email is highly effective when you read or learn that a prospect has been promoted or accepted a new position. I once landed a $750,000 account by sending this letter.

One of the best opportunities to initiate a new business relationship is when your prospect has accepted a new job. Not surprisingly, they tend to me in a very positive state of mind and are the most receptive to developing some new contacts. This is particularly true when a person has moved to a new company when they are often mandated with making significant changes.

I initially sent this letter to a prospect that I had been attempting to develop a relationship with for many months. Despite my repeated efforts I never was able to break through. However this letter prompted a call and a meeting which ultimately led to a multi-year consulting engagement. Hopefully it will do the same for you. Here it is.

Dear (Prospect), I read about your recent appointment as (title of new position) in (name of publication) and I wanted to drop you a short note of congratulations.

I realize that this is terribly self-serving, but I also wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself on the outside chance that the highly specialized nature of our business might be of benefit to you at some point in the future.

Our company focuses on working with (types of clients) on (precisely what types of projects). Our clients include (the more you can mention companies that the reader will relate to, the better) and other leading firms.

It's been my experience that working with companies such as ours hinges on the relationships-of-trust that are developed well before the prospective client has an actual need. That's why I thought I would reach out to you at this point in time to begin a dialogue.

I also thought that you would be interested in our latest publication; (Exciting title which usually emphasizes how to do something). It reviews, using actual case examples, a highly customizable (process for addressing a particular problem or issue). The report is free and you can request a copy either by giving us a call (phone number) or by visiting our website (your website address).

I'm sure you will find the publication to be helpful, and perhaps it will stimulate an interest on your part to learn more about how we might be of assistance to you. Regardless, I think you will find (name of your report or publication) to be valuable reading.

Again, my congratulations to you and sincere best wishes for continued success.

As mentioned previously, I've used this exact letter as a tool for developing relationships with very senior level decision makers. Give it a try. I think that it will work well for you too.

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