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Sales professionals face a lot of negativity; regular rejection from prospects, demands from customers, and pressure from leaders to hit targets. All of this pressure can have a negative impact on moral and cause them to lose motivation. If you feel like you are getting discouraged, bored, or demotivated, read on to find out how you can stay focused and close the sale.

Keep Your Eyes on the End Goal

Work days can get very busy with meetings, calls, and emails, leaving very little time for necessary work. The feeling that you never have enough time to complete your tasks and you aren’t progressing as quickly as you should be can be daunting and discouraging. Instead of getting caught up in the daily struggles, focus on your end goal. Whether closing the sale will result in a great commission, career progression, or just the personal satisfaction of having done it, always keep your eyes on the finish line. The reward at the end will be your motivation to stay focused the and close the sale.

Plan and Prepare for the Worst

In most things, and sales is no exception, the key to success is preparation. It is inevitable that you will hit a few bumps in the road before you close your sale, and when you do not have the right expectations and tools, these bumps will cause you to lose your drive. Prevent this from happening by thinking about all of the possible ways that this sale could go wrong and all of the potential objections you will receive, and arming yourself with the right information and assets. This way, when things to awry and your sales cycle comes to a halt, you will know how to get it back on the right path to close.

Put Your Effort into Providing Value

Prospects are skeptical of sales people and very aware of relationships that feel transactional. If you are getting discouraged by prospects that are brushing you off or even being rude in your follow ups, revisit your approach and put more effort into providing value in your interactions. Value can be many things – sending content, interesting research or articles, offering to explain your product in more detail, listening to your prospects more carefully, or even discounts and special offers. Find out what is important to your prospect, and concentrate on delivering that value so that you can overcome their skepticism and close the sale.

All sales people lose interest, get discouraged, or feel tired sometimes. Instead of using these feelings as an excuse to procrastinate or give up, use the strategies we’ve outlined to persevere and close the sale.

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