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Communication is an important aspect of making a sale, whether it be listening to your prospects’ pain points, communicating your value, negotiating, or building the relationship. There are many ways in which salespeople communicate with prospects today – they are not limited to picking up the phone or knocking on doors. Technology has altered how salespeople interact with prospects and customers, and there are now countless tools that sales teams can choose from, which makes the process of choosing the right ones overwhelming.

Don’t fear; we’ve compiled a list of five awesome communication and conferencing tools for businesses to help you determine which ones are right for your sales team.


While it began as a communication platform for development teams, slack has quickly expanded to other departments and industries. Using slack, your sales organization can keep conversations and shared documents organized through channels. New members can easily be added to a channel and gather all of the relevant information, unlike using email or other chat tools. Plus, it can also be used to communicate with prospects through community channels.


 Have you ever joined a new sales team, jumping right into existing accounts or deals, and tried to get up-to-speed on all of the interactions your team has had? It is pretty difficult to do, unless your team uses Salesmate. Salesmate stores all of your customer interactions, allowing anyone from your team to follow up with a contact without missing a beat.


With the ability to analyze calls, this platform enables sale teams to unlock insights from their sales calls. Sales people can revisit their calls and pitches, finding areas that increased their win rates or weakened their pitch. The platform can be used for coaching, A/B Testing, and growth hacking, and ExecVision has separate solutions for marketing, sales, C-level, and customer success.

Most sales professionals have heard of or used GoToMeeting at some point. However, there is a new tool on the block – As a free collaboration tool, it makes interacting and collaboration simple. Users can give out a code to join a meeting through a web browser, so there are no complicated scheduling interfaces or plug-ins to install. It is user-friendly, fast, and, best of all, it helps you close your deals.

Google Drive

Could any list of collaboration tools be complete without Google? Using Google Drive, your team can easily share, view and edit documents without the concern of versions being lost or updated incorrectly. It includes tools for written documents, presentations, and data sheets; essentially replacing the most commonly used Microsoft office tools. Since all of your files are saved in the cloud, they are also available from anywhere, which is handy for sales people that are often on the road.

Often, organizations select new tools simply because they seem bright and exciting, and they also often fail to implement them correctly. With too many or the wrong tools, sales teams can become caught up in unnecessary processes or become frustrated with the lack of consistency. When your organization purchases or tries a new tool, ensure that it will really add value to your team, and then train and measure everyone on using it. With the right tools, your sales team will have everything they need to succeed.

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