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Are you using social selling but failing to see an impact? If so, you might be confused as to why 90% of top sales pros say they are using social selling as part of their strategy. Done correctly, social selling has a low cost and a high impact. However, without the right tactics, you could be wasting your valuable time. Here’s our list of 5 killer social selling tactics that you can put into your strategy immediately to start seeing a positive impact on your sales figures.

Tactic #1: Use Social Listening for Prospect Research

When you think of social selling, it’s hard not to think of posting and commenting on various networks to reach your customer base. And while using social media to talk to your prospects is certainly a big part of it, one could argue that the bigger, more important piece, is that you can use social media to gain customer insight.

Just as in a face-to-face meeting where a good sales rep uses active listening to identify what their prospect’s pain points are, with social media you can find out a wealth of information about your potential customer’s business pain. Use social media to research your prospect proactively - following them on Twitter is a great start and may result in them following you back. Then listen actively: what are they saying about their business online? Are they sharing any information about business related problems? How can your product be the solution they need?

Tactic #2: Be A Go-To Source For Industry Information

These days, a customer can find out a lot about what you are selling from a simple Google search. With a wealth of info about your product available to them, you need to be more than just a product expert; you need to be an industry one.

Use google alerts to keep up to date with industry news and share it with insightful analysis, even if it’s unrelated to your specific product or service. You can’t reach your customer unless they are interested in following you, so you need to be someone whose posts add value and that they want to follow.

Tactic #3: Be Strategic In What You Share

Following on from #2, make sure that everything you post is part of your strategy. Posting regularly is important, but there needs to be a good reason for everything you share. Before you post consider:

  1. Will this post be of interest to my customer base?
  2. Does this post align with my company’s values?
  3. Will this post have a positive impact on my personal brand?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, reframe what you are going to say or simply don’t post it!

Tactic #4: Use Social Networks to Network!

Find out where your prospects “hang out” and get involved. Join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups and Twitter chats, and join in on the conversations. Don’t push a sales pitch here, rather treat it like a real world networking event where you would make engaging small talk, discuss industry relevant news and events, and learn more about your prospects. In this way, you’ll become familiar to them, someone they are more likely to trust and buy from.

Tactic #5: Go After Your Leads

Yes, social selling is a subtle art, and you shouldn’t be making unsolicited sales pitches on someone’s Facebook page...but that doesn’t mean it is entirely passive. Sharing engaging, non-salesy content is a great way to gain a prospect’s trust, but it won’t necessarily result in a sale.

Cherry pick your warmest social leads and pursue them. For example, once you’ve made a connection with a prospect on LinkedIn take the time to do some research about their business pain and then send them a short, non-intrusive InMail. A message that is personal - avoid templated messages! A good strategy can be to be succinct and ask for a 10 minute phone call. Avoid being pushy but do follow up if you haven’t heard back after a week.

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