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Sales Strategy
Jan 21, 2019 | Canadian Professional Sales Association

Inspirational Sales Leaders can have a dramatic effect on your company’s results. In fact, in one survey, 69% of sales pros who exceeded their annual quota rated their sales manager as being excellent or above average.  Different sales leaders have different leadership styles and attributes. However, there are five qualities that the most inspirational sales leaders all possess. Here they are.

They are Results Oriented

Sales pros have high targets and quotas to meet. If they’re going to reach or exceed targets, they must be focused and driven and this necessitates that they have a sales leader who is equally results oriented. With so much going on, not only in a busy sales department but also relating to the competing demands of a personal life, inspirational sales leaders possess the qualities needed to block out distractions and create an environment that keeps their team focused on the bottom line.

They Have Gravitas and Yet are Collaborative

Inspirational sales leaders must command respect but that does not mean that they have a top-down, controlling leadership style. Instead, they have a natural dignity and confidence that gives them a firm command over their team while inviting collaboration and a team-based approach. Rogue salespeople may think they know how to close deals but if a sales leader doesn’t have a firm command over their team, reps may sign off on bad deals or slash prices too low. The most inspirational sales leaders have the gravitas required to establish an environment where all sales team members continually seek to prove themselves and work together to drive higher results.

They are a Superstar Coach

Being an inspirational sales leader does not mean you sit alone in an ivory tower. Rather, a sales leader that gets the best out of their team is right there on the court with them, coaching them to success. But being a great coach means that a sales leader understands that there are different selling styles by which salespeople can achieve success. They listen to their salespeople and know them well; they adapt their coaching and mentorship style to suit each team member.

They are Strategic

Inspirational sales leaders see the big picture. They build a strategic sales plan that plots the most cost-effective way to maximize revenue and surpass expectations. They know the strengths and weaknesses of their salespeople and can correctly deploy them. They know how to strategically segment the market into verticals, and to segment the sales teams by product or customer types.

They Have an Eye for Talent

The best sales leaders know how to surround themselves with the best team.  Inspirational sales leaders have an eye for talent and know how to nurture it. They know the skill-gaps in their team and understand the qualities of great sales pros, whether those pros bring much-need experienced or are just starting out but have the drive to succeed. They focus on hiring salespeople who are great relationship builders, creative problem solvers, persuasive negotiators and possess a wealth of self-discipline.

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