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Sales Strategy
May 15, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association

It’s a common problem for all sales professionals – prospects that avoid your attempts to contact them. While it may be common, know that you should not give up and simply assume that your leads have lost interest. You should test different approaches and get feedback so that you can re-engage prospects and close them over time. Here are some areas to focus on:

1. Problems with Your Pitch

Are you sending emails and leaving voicemails but not getting any responses? The problem could be in your pitch. Perhaps you are focusing on closing a sale when you should be offering a demo, or maybe you have too many call-to-actions and your prospects don’t know what to do next.

The pitch is your first opportunity to tell your prospect why they should care about your product. It should be short, but also articulate the key information that will entice the prospect to hear more. Ensure that your call to action is clear too, since this will indicate whether your pitch is working.

2. Don’t Bother Them When They are Busy

Another possibility is that your prospects aren’t avoiding you at all – they just can’t reply to you when you are contacting them. Most people are busy between 9-5, so if you are trying to get in touch with your prospects during these hours, there is a good chance they simply don’t have time to reply.

You need to walk a careful balance between getting in touch with prospects when they are free and being respectful of their time so that you don’t annoy them. Think carefully about the product you are selling and the time that your prospects may be thinking about buying it. If you’re selling a B2B solution, perhaps it makes the most sense to call at lunch, when your prospects may have a few spare minutes but are still in “work-mode”. It may make sense to send an email first thing in the morning so that it is the first thing your prospects see when they check their email. Or, if your product is consumer-focused, it may make sense to get in touch in the evening, when your prospects are likely at home.

3. Explaining the Benefits

If your prospects don’t understand the value that you or your product provide, it is very likely that they will avoid you. It is critical to sell more than just features and products; you must focus on their needs and highlight the benefit that your product offers.

Your product may have several unique features, but your job is to explain why these features matter to your prospect. Do the features deliver efficiency and time savings? Do they give them better information? Explain how these features will make your prospects lives easier.

4. Giving Them Time to Become Ready for a Sale

Your prospects may be avoiding you because they may eventually buy from you, but aren’t able to make the purchase right now. Instead of telling you that they need more time, they are simply avoiding your calls and emails.

If you have noticed that a prospect that seemed interested has now gone cold, find out if they have lost interest or simply need more time. While it is always disappointing to move an opportunity to the backburner, there’s a good chance these types of leads will eventually close if you nurture them correctly.

5. Stop Focusing on Prospects Who Aren’t Interested

 The final reason that your prospects are avoiding you is that they are simply not interested in what you are selling. Perhaps they don’t experience the pain point that your product solves, they have another solution that fits their needs, or they don’t have the budget to purchase your product.

In this case, it is best to move on and put your effort into prospects that are interested in your product.

It’s not always easy to determine why a prospect is avoiding you, but if you ensure that you are consistently adding value to the sales cycle, you understand their needs, and you answering questions promptly, your prospects won’t be able to avoid you for long.

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