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Sales Strategy
Dec 11, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Let’s imagine a scenario. You’ve recently had a great interaction with a prospect and now you’re playing the waiting game... You know you need to follow-up but you don’t want to annoy them and put them off. What should you do? If you’re stuck for ideas beyond calling to “check-in” then take a look out our follow-up ideas that will make you and your product stand out from the competition.

Summarize and Seek Clarification

Sending a follow-up email where you summarize your discussion with a good prospect is always a great follow-up opportunity. It not only gives you a chance to stay in their mind but also provides you with the opportunity to frame the conversation and highlight important product features and value. It’s also a way to show that you’ve been paying attention and understand their needs. You can up your follow-up email game but seeking clarification on a specific point - this gives a reason to keep the conversation going. But don’t choose something obvious or anything that you can easily find out online. It should be a subtle or nuanced point of clarification to demonstrate how important meeting their needs is to you.

Pay Attention and Help Them Out

Have you ever met a person for the second or third time and they don’t remember you? It doesn’t make you feel good or make you see them in a positive light, does it? But the reverse is equally true. When you meet someone for the second time and they not only remember you but specific things about you or the conversation you had, it makes you feel good and creates an instant rapport between you. When people feel listened to they feel valued and important. Use this universal truth to complete an impressive follow-up. If your prospect mentioned an interest or need, even something beyond your product or service, call them up and say, “I remember you saying you were interested in “XYZ” and when I saw this article I thought of you and just had to share!” Not only does this give you a follow-up “in” but you are adding value and you’ll stand out as a genuine person who really listens and wants to help.

Go Above and Beyond

If you were really paying close attention to what your prospect was saying during your previous meeting, you’ll have noted things that they would need more information on in order to be convinced, as well as potential objections. See these as opportunities to go above and beyond. Have resources and reports ready that you can tailor to their needs, such as value comparisons with competitors, impact reports or projections, and customer testimonials. Use these in your follow-up, say something like, “I know that this is a big move/change for you and that “XYZ” plays an important role in your decision. So I wanted to share this report/testimonial/article with you. I think it might be useful in your process.”

Other Useful Follow-up Ideas

  • Endeavour to schedule next steps while you have your prospect in front of you/on the phone. Then your follow-up simply becomes a reminder call/email about your next meeting.
  • Ask them about the best way to stay in contact with them. You’ll follow-up will be much easier if you know the communication channel they prefer and to which they respond.
  • Say thank you. Thanking a prospect for their time is good manners. An email or phone call is nice but sending a note in the mail is even more impressive.

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