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Content and social media are like a hammer and nails – you need one to leverage the other. On its own, social media will not drive sales, and, without social media, content may not bring enough customers into your sales funnel. Understanding when and how to use both will capture the most leads, and drive the most sales. Let’s consider how to leverage content and social media marketing to drive more leads for the sales team.

Build your Audience

Setting up a company Facebook page is a good first step, but it isn’t enough. Find out what social channels your prospects are using, and create profiles on all of these sites. Once you have established your brand or organization on the site, it’s time to start building an audience. Create content that addresses topics your prospects care about, and share it through your social channels to generate leads.

GE, one of the world’s largest machinery companies, uses Linkedin to share customer stories, focusing on how organizations can become more sustainable using GE machinery and products. GE’s content helps to grow followers on Linkedin that are interested in sustainability. Without leveraging both the customer story and the channel, GE would not be able to successfully build its audience around sustainability.

Drive Prospects to Take the Next Action

 Prospects are reading your content, great. The next step in leveraging social media and content to generate sales is to move prospects from your content to take the next step: the consideration phase. In this phase, you will want to drive your prospects to get more information on your business and products. Writing a strong call to action and linking to relevant pages on your website are key.

Hootsuite, a social media management platform organization, includes a call to action on its content that encourages readers to get a demo of the product. This moves prospects from thinking about ways to optimize their social media, to actually investigating the Hootsuite platform features that enable them to optimize their social media.

Build a List of Prospects to Nurture

Even after prospects have seen a demo of your solution, they may not be ready to buy your product. Using your content, you can build a list of subscribers that are interested in your solution, and you can continue to market to them until (or even after) they become your customers. Use a simple form that gives prospects an easy way to sign up to receive more information.

Square, an organization that provides mobile POS solutions, includes a call to action at the end of its blog posts encouraging readers to sign up for more tips and tricks. Using this call to action, Square can continue to market to relevant and interested prospects.

Mobile Experience

One critical consideration when using social media and content to generate sales is your mobile experience. Today, most social media is consumed through smartphones, and therefore it’s critical that the platform you use for your content has a great mobile experience. Reduce pop-up ads, ensure readers don’t need to scroll or zoom to read the content, and try to include video where possible. This will create a positive experience for readers of your content, and make them more likely to become customers.

As you would use a hammer to drive the nail into wood, you can use social media to drive your content and create a push-pull strategy which involves real and authentic conversations with prospects on social. Leverage both to create irresistible experiences for your prospects, and continue to nurture your prospects until they become customers. 

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