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Sales Strategy
May 24, 2016 | Joanne Black lock

I’m tired of reading and hearing about how to bypass the gatekeeper. Articles, emails, news flashes, blasts, podcasts, webinars, etc. they make my blood boil. These “gatekeeper” tactics are insincere, dishonest, unprofessional, offensive, and a waste of sales time. Not to mention a waste of your time. And, really, who has time to waste?

The gatekeepers–receptionists, administrative assistants, and executive admins–field calls for the decision-maker. They’re beneficial to the executive, but not to you–not until you’ve developed your relationship. And definitely not when you cold call.

My goal is to change your business development, prospecting, and lead-generation strategies to referral selling, to change the way you sell and succeed. Get past the gatekeeper. And close more business in less time.

Lose The Script

We’ve been trained to make sales phone calls: Introduce yourself (not the company), why you’re calling, and then relay some brilliantly simple benefit statements about why the person on the other end of the line would want to schedule a meeting with you as soon as possible. Make sure your voice is friendly and upbeat and don’t wait for the person to respond until you get through your script. And, thank the receptionist or assistant for their help to get them on your side.

In my world, the world of referral selling, cold calling from a script doesn’t cut it. Ever. Think of the opposite sales approach. When you receive a referral, you don’t need a script. Your referral source has pre-sold you and your capabilities. All you need to say is who you are, who referred you, and schedule a time to talk. You’re “proud” to mention your company name. Because you are introduced by a terrific, trusted resource, your prospect wants to know who’s calling–they want to know it’s YOU calling! Done.

Get Leads, Not Lists

The Web 2.0 world promises to increase your prospecting productivity by delivering qualified leads to your inbox at the prospect’s time of need. We’re all familiar with the availability of “bought” lists. But take a closer look: Are these leads really qualified, or are they just names?

You might get so-called leads from your website, special offers, email campaigns, direct mail, trade shows, advertising, cold calling, and conferences. These aren’t sales leads; they are lists. A list will get you to the gatekeeper and no further. Until you qualify them, lists are not sales leads.

The fastest and least expensive way to meet the people you want to meet and who want to meet you is to get a referral and a personal introduction. There is no gatekeeper.

No More Cold Calling

A sales call is either cold or hot. Here’s my definition (feel free to make it yours): A cold call is one that’s made to someone who doesn’t know you and is not expecting your call. Make a cold call, and you’ll get the gatekeeper. Get the gatekeeper, and go nowhere. Salespeople dupe themselves into thinking they are making “warm calls” when in fact they’re actually making cold calls.

Consider the following situations. Hot or cold?

  • You call someone because you got the name came from a colleague or friend. Cold!
  • You call someone and then follow up with a letter. Cold!
  • The person’s name came from a specific list. Still cold!

These are all cold calls–the person doesn’t know you and is not expecting your call. Even though you think you’ve been able to avoid sounding like a telemarketer, this type of call is still cold.

Referrals = Hot!

Recent research by a global sales organization asked executives why they would take a meeting with a salesperson. The top two reasons:

1.      A referral from someone within their company

2.      A referral from a trusted source outside the executive’s company

Clearly, referrals matter and make an impact. Make every sales call a HOT call by getting an introduction from your referral source.

Adopt a referral-marketing system and shorten your sales process by at least 30%, be pre-sold, gain the trust of the prospect, knock out the competition, and attract new clients more 50% of the time. There is no other sales prospecting or sales strategy that can claim these results.

Get the referral, and get the introduction. The Gatekeeper has left the building. So walk right in and close business!

About the Author:
joanne blackNo More Cold Calling’s founder, Joanne Black, began actively consulting with clients in 1996when she developed a system based on the premise that building relationships and getting referrals generate sales faster and more cost-effectively than cold-calling. Joanne’s sales, management and training experience spans decades and crosses multiple industries. Her hands-on and no-nonsense approach to the business of sales has made No More Cold Calling a respected and sought-after partner for clients in business-to-business sales.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are strictly those of the author. CPSA does not endorse any of the companies, products and services mentioned within this article.

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