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Sales Strategy
May 24, 2016 | Mark Hunter lock

Every salesperson at some point in their career has asked themselves this question.

Here’s a checklist of questions you need to ask yourself if you are not able to close a sale.

1. Can I close 100% of the time?
Do not fool yourself. No one can close 100% of their sales, even with cutting prices to the bare minimum. In some Industries, closing ratios of even 20% are considered normal. Judge yourself based on your customer profile, comparing across industries is not effective.

2. Have you forgotten about the next sale?
You could get a sale anytime, always be aware your next call or visit could be your next sale. Sometimes out of the blue, sales can happen.

3. Does my customer understand the pitch?
What do you need to do to make things easier in the process and help the customer to make an easy and quick decision?

4. Do some customers even have the potential to buy my product?
Examine the profile of your current clients and equate them to your prospects. Sometimes prospects give you time, but they are not always ready to buy.

5. Am I using the right techniques to generate trust with clients?
Do you create in the minds of your prospects and customers a level of confidence and competence that allows them to feel confident buying from you?

6. What is my value proposition and do my clients see and understand the value it creates for them?
If I’m not clear in my own mind about the value of what I offer, why would I ever think it would be clear in the minds of my prospects and customers?

7. Is the customer able to see value in my sale and see that I care about making the sale?
Customers notice when you care; they notice when you’re focused on them, and they will certainly notice when the only thing you’re focused on is trying to close a sale to benefit you.

8. Do you have the correct attitude?
It’s astonishing how your customers can sense your attitude, even though you do not feel it they do. It’s hard to play poker with your attitude. A bad attitude will show.

9. Is your focus short-term oriented?
It's important to think long term; things can change anytime even if they are going terribly now, focus on what you are doing right. Focusing on whatever is going well is one of the best ways to ensure you wind up experiencing even more good outcomes.

10. What attributes of mine do customers appreciate?
Ask your present customers why they like working with you. Try and let potential customers see and realise these traits during your meetings and calls this will go a long way.

About the Author
Mark-Hunter-Keynote-SpeakerMark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, is author of “High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price.” He is a consultative selling expert committed to helping individuals and companies identify better prospects and close more profitable sales.

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