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Jan 12, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association

Five Ideas to Keep your Prospect Engaged

Sometimes prospects have a need or desire for your product, but, for whatever reason, now is not the right time for them to buy. Any good sales person knows that - when it comes to nurture your warm leads - it is critical to follow-up at the right times and with the right message. However, keeping them engaged with fresh, new information is not always easy. Communication needs to happen in a way that’s seen as helpful rather than pushy. Here are five solid strategies to keep your prospects interested.

1.   Continue to Call and Email

Have you ever cleaned out a closet or drawer just to find things that you forgot you owned? We tend to forget things that aren’t brought to our attention frequently, and this is a concept to keep in mind with prospects. If you do not continue to put the effort into reminding your prospect of your company and product, they may forget about you. The best way to keep your prospect engaged is to be persistent with your follow-up calls and emails, or any other channel you use.

2.   Follow or Add on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to keep your prospect engaged is to add or follow them on social media and share or like the content that they post. Twitter and Linkedin are the best channels for this type of engagement because they are used in a public or professional context and content is easy to share or retweet. 

3.   Send Useful Content

Another way to engage is by sending useful content directly to your prospect. You can use best practices guides, case studies, videos, templates, or other useful materials that will keep you and your product top-of-mind. There are also tools available that will help you track the content that your prospect clicks on or engages with, which will help you understand their interests and needs.

4.   Invite Them to Events or Meetups

Free food is enough to entice anyone. Inviting your prospects to events where they can learn and network (and eat) with other professionals in their industry is another method to keep them engaged. Just be careful that your events don’t focus heavily on selling your product; remember that you are trying to keep your prospect engaged, not close the sale.

5.   Direct Mail

Your eyes do not deceive you – yes, mail is a viable strategy to keep prospects engaged. Now that so much of our communication takes place online, mail in a B2B sales cycle actually grabs people’s attention. Mail also indicates extra care, since it takes more effort to send a physical piece of mail than it does to send an email. It’s a great channel to showcase the type of dedication your team has, and to stay top of mind with your prospects.

Try these tried-and-tested strategies to build your relationship with and educate your prospects. There are plenty of ways that you can keep the conversation going with a prospect that simply needs more time. 

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