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What does a successful week in a sales job look like? What are the targets and KPIs you should be meeting and exceeding on a regular basis to grow leads, revenues and your own career prospects?

In this CPSA article, we consider the top targets you should try to hit each week in order to enjoy sales success and recognition from your sales manager.

Internal Processes

If you’re an inside sales rep it is likely that there will be processes and procedures in place at your company to which you must recognise and respond. While many sales teams encourage a degree of autonomous working (providing that it leads to sales), it is important to meet the expectations of your company’s chain of command and work in a way which has been set out by your leadership and HR management teams.

For example, perhaps your sales team has a Monday morning meeting where you’re expected to present new leads and offer feedback from frontline discussions. Maybe your company requires expenses to be filed on a weekly basis?

Ensure that you book time each week to achieve the administrative duties assigned to you so that you can meet the internal goals required of you.

Pipelines, Data and CRMs

Most sales roles require technical knowledge and regular use of pipeline management tools. This is an essential skill which not only ensures that you don’t miss an sales opportunity but has countless other benefits for those in your leadership team who need to understand the bigger picture.

By ensuring that you’re keeping on top of updating your pipeline in your company’s CRM, you’ll be better placed each week to chase leads in a transparent and timely manner. You’ll also be able to identify new markets and opportunities for growth.

Professional Development

By setting time aside each week for your professional development, you are maximising the chances of making a success of your sales career.

For example, be sure to reserve slots to stay relevant by learning new social selling tools and techniques, meet with your marketing team to share quantitative and qualitive data, or participate in company-sponsored external sales training.

Market Penetration and Engagement

Today’s best salespeople can harness social selling tools and online channels to grow awareness and engage new audiences.

The onset of machine learning and AI means that a key weekly benchmark for salespeople should be utilizing tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter to grow their personal brands and be seen by potential target markets as a trusted resource in the buying process.


The last KPI we mention in this article will come as no surprise. The ultimate measure for any salesperson is, well, sales.

Achieving new conversions or upselling to existing clients each and every week is, of course, dependent on many factors - such as the health or the market or the specific length of the sales-cycle for the product or service you offer. If you’re able to meet the other targets and KPIs listed in this post and, as a result, demonstrate how and when you expect ‘bring home the bacon’, you’ll be all set to develop a conveyer-belt of conversions and enjoy longer-term sales success.

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