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The impact of artificial intelligence on modern sales is so significant that it is impacting every part of the sales funnel. The actual sales presentation is no exception.

In this CPSA article we’ll run through some the ways that adopting AI-fuelled sales presentation technologies and strategies can really help make the difference when showing your client why you’re the right fit.

How AI is Turning the Sales Presentation into a Science

Opportunity Qualification

AI-based sales presentation tech can help companies better qualify customer requirements, identify pain points, and demonstrate value & market knowledge.

Identifying Your Audience

The AI behind some sales stacks can actually help you to understand the pain points specific to the audience in the room, identify apt products or services and then pitch the correct message.

Understanding Customer Concerns

The best sales presentation tools today don’t begin with the meeting room. You should be looking to find options which also offer the client intelligence, research and templates to build a profile of the customer pains and drivers way head of a meeting. Through integration with your CRM, and HRIS you can identify and present the most relevant products in your portfolio.

Cross Selling Opportunities

Big data sales presentation technology can help your team sell more of the  synergies within your portfolio. Look for tech options which allow you to adapt and cross-sell opportunities in real time - ensuring your team is able to maximise the value they can deliver to the customer.

Universal Database Means Lots of Testing

Rather like using MailChimp for email subject line suggestions, sales presentation tech can pull on the most successful portions of presentations. This means data behind which product messaging is best suited to specific segments and the customer audience you are selling to.

A Reduced Amount of Meetings?!

Lack of expertise in the sales team can lead to incomplete qualification of an opportunity during initial meetings. Follow up meetings can be delayed due to scheduling issues while trying to involve technical sales staff, resulting in 2 or 3 additional meetings before basic opportunity qualification. These common issues extend the sales cycle, extending the time to close a sale and leaving a door open to competition for a longer period. Early qualification reduces the time to revenue and a reduced sales cycle allows a sales force to move onto other opportunities, increasing revenue.

Rinse and Repeat

Replicating sales success across a sales organisation can be tough. APIs which connect with mainstream solutions like SalesForce can make it pretty easy by pushing an easy to follow sales process into your sales force that updates to reflect the most successful sales pitch.

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