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Sales Strategy
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Every sales representative comes to the table with different experience and different strengths. If your new hire is not as strong in the realm of cold calling and prospecting, there are a few things you can do to get to the same level as the rest of the sales team.

1. Adequate training and resources
- Within the team: Make sure that they are given adequate knowledge on all aspects of your sales process, from how to best use a script and/or product sheet, to best practices for selling your products, to efficiency opportunities through your CRM, etc. Be sure to provide them with one-on-one training with the sales manager.
- External training: Enroll them in formal sales training so they can learn how to best apply consultative selling techniques in their prospecting calls.

2. Mentorship Program
- Pair the new hire up with a more experienced top performer. Get them to listen in on calls, ask questions, and to emulate tactics that are already working for the experienced reps.

3. Ongoing coaching and Feedback
- Be sure to schedule meetings with your new hire with the sole purpose of providing coaching and feedback. Listen carefully to what the sales rep is telling you about the challenges they experience and then try to identify ways they can improve. Set realistic goals for them to track their improvement.

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