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May 31, 2013 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

The CRM system that you end up choosing will really depend on your sales process, your internal structure, your current computer systems, and your business needs. We’d suggest reviewing a few different options first, and comparing reviews and features. Also, be sure to ask for client references from the companies that you will be working with to implement these solutions to get a personal account of what you can expect in terms of service and execution. This is a big decision to make for your company, and could be a long process, so take the time to do the research.

Here is a quick, but effective comparison of features and customer reviews of various CRM options. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive – it’ll just give you a good start. If you have an IT department, I’d suggest involving them as well, as they may be able to provide the best insight into what will work for your specific situation.

Also, there are many online sources ranging from blogs to online magazines and forums. Listed below are some trusted sites resources to get you started:

CRM Knowledge Base —Highly valuable portal whose chief benefit is how it organizes CRM-related information into various components such as business intelligence, call centres, sales force automation and others. It also offers links to resources to books, industry articles, vendor white papers and software solutions.

CRM Directory —Features the latest developments and announcements in the CRM community. The site also features an online directory of software solutions for SFA, CRM suites, contact management software and hosted CRM solutions.

CRM Daily —Offers the latest in CRM news and visitors can sign up to receive CRM Daily enewsletter. News stories grouped by topics--CRM Systems, sales and marketing, business intelligence and more. —Formerly known as the CRM Forum, this is an industry site for CRM professionals on both the demand and supply side of the industry. The library area of the site is quite useful with a selection of papers by leading CRM academics, case studies, conference presentations, and vendor papers.

Customer Think —Formerly known as CRM Guru, you can access online reports and archives plus participate in live webcasts. Contains detailed resources on CRM strategy, metrics, alignment, redesign and technology. —Site provides top-level analysis and best-of-breed solutions by making available white papers, articles and other reports from leading suppliers, academics, and CRM practitioners.

CRMExchange —Site facilitates an exchange of information on customer relationship management (CRM), sales, call center, and telemarketing issues.

DestinationCRM —Great site to start initial research if you have identified customer relationship management (CRM) as a key strategy for creating enhanced customer value. Content crosses many industries including technology, communications, finance, retail, advertising, and healthcare. Notably, the site features a Decision Analysis Toolkit, and a useful database of CRM-related service providers.

eCRMGuide —Customer relationship management and e-business news reviews.

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